Why we should talk about Digitization right now

Digitization, more important than ever

Currently one topic dominates the world like no other. We are of course talking about Covid-19. We must be aware of the current situation and react accordingly and more importantly, learn from it for the future. The world as we know it, will now change and that is why we should talk about Digitization now!

Schools will be closed, events and fairs will all be postponed and social contacts will be reduced to an absolute minimum. Life is experiencing a deceleration like rarely before. But panic and hysteria have never been an advantage for mankind. It is necessary to keep a cool head and above all to take responsibility and protect those who will be hit hard and these are the elderly and immunocompromised in our society.

Economically speaking, we are sliding towards a serious crisis in our thoroughly globalized world. Especially import and export are facing great challenges, but also many other industries. Now it makes even more sense to start thinking about a sensible digitization now. Yes, the real estate industry will probably also come to a standstill, but there are some areas that have already been digitized for smooth remote operation.

The digital processing of special requests – PROPSTER’s approach

The special request processing from the planning stage through to documentation and execution is one of them. From the very beginning we have seriously dealt with this topic and recognized that the processing of special requests was and is one of the central topics of the real estate industry. It is a rigid process that has been virtually undocumented and has caused frustration on both sides. Previous solutions – if available – would have been limited to communication between the developer and the executing company.

The buyer was incomprehensibly ignored despite his central role, although the process revolved around him. As a layman, he also has the greatest need for communication and information. Furthermore, the entire special request processing was connected with an effort that simply cannot be profitable. On top of that, the communication between customers and processors came to a standstill as time went on. Dissatisfaction, on both sides, was the final result. The amount of special requests has simply presented the real estate industry with new challenges.

We recognised this in good time and developed a uniform platform for communication, organisation and documentation requirements, which simply and clearly fulfils all the wishes of both the construction companies/manufacturers and developers and the buyers. The platform allows the choice between several alternative products, so that the furnishing of an apartment can be easily configured by the buyers. Floor coverings, electrical installations, sanitary installations, tiles and much more can be easily configured, selected and managed. The visualization of the process is important, because it allows for quick and lasting decisions on the part of the buyers.

Let us join forces for a better tomorrow

“Of course, we can’t digitize the entire industry in one go, and it makes absolutely no sense. However, we have to seriously look into pushing digitization more than ever before. We cannot continue to build as we did 80 years ago while at the same time sending spaceships to Mars. Just because we have always done it this way, it is not optimal. Individual ideas are often too special to be of interest to the real estate industry, which is sluggish in terms of digitization. Related proptechs can therefore also join forces. For example, we also cooperate with the digital interior designer ROOMHERO. Digitalisation is not a panacea or even a protective screen that we can simply put up to keep viruses away from us. But it would be a major factor in keeping the economic engine running, even if half the world is in quarantine. In that sense, let’s stay healthy and remember, together we can get through this difficult time!

Current example from practice: Event becomes webinar – PROPSTER & VISOPLAN

Due to the current situation, the planned joint Berlin event at the end of March with PROPSTER and VISOPLAN turned into a webinar workshop. As a Proptech company, we live and breathe digitization and our tools are completely geared to it. We don’t want to leave the time available to us unused and are therefore organising an online webinar workshop on Thursday, 02.04.2020, at 4 p.m, with the focus on “The advantages of digital tools for special request processing”.
Together with VISOPLAN, we will pick up a specific usecase and present the advantages of our tools and our working methods. There is no standstill with us. Right now it is important to look ahead and to use the opportunities we offer. Together we will emerge from this crisis stronger. We are looking forward to an exciting webinar and are convinced that we can give you a big advantage in handling special requests. Boris Goldshteyn (CEO VISOPLAN): “Especially in times like these we realize how much we depend on digitization, which is why we have created an opportunity to work from anywhere and at any time. VISOPLAN combines communication, coordination and transparency and thus proves to be a relevant tool for all parties involved in construction projects worldwide”.

Topic: The advantages of digital tools for special request processing

Thursday, 2. April 2020, 4 P.M

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Meeting-ID: 939 702 973