We solve the biggest challenges in the industry by digitising the processes that cause bottlenecks

PROPSTER takes the busywork out of customer handling and communication allowing you to get more done. Hundreds of companies across the globe use PROPSTER as a centralised platform to improve communication, document exchange and other operational bottlenecks.

The #1 customer platform serving the real estate industry

PROPSTER is a cloud-based configuration platform with a wide range of features for optimising the handling of property developments.


The entire platform is geared towards the needs of our clients and their customers.

200+ Projects
residential and commercial
15k platform users
90+ clients
in 6 countries
20+ partners
entire project cycle
API integrations

Our Mission

We enable property companies to increase sales, boost their efficiency and provide their customers, such as buyers, tenants and investors with a great buying experience through uniform communications and complete documentation.

Our Vision

Our vision is that buyers, tenants and investors configure and manage their property online. In doing so, we guide property companies and their customers through the entire project cycle and provide a digital customer journey.

You bring the customers in.
We make them feel home.

We start exactly where the effort and challenges in project execution begin – namely with the purchaser. Current processes focus on the technical handling and communication between the developer and the executing companies. In most cases, the buyer is left out of the equation.

We close this gap and guide the buyer through the entire project cycle to ensure the optimal customer experience.

PROPSTER in use in many areas

A wide-ranging product database and advanced configuration options make the platform applicable to any type of property.

Residential property
Commercial property
Modular houses
Semi-detached houses
Student accommodation
Serviced apartments

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We currently support more than 90 clients on over 200 projects with over 15,000 buyers, tenants or investors.

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