Weitzer Parkett as a new Partner – PROPSTER

Pioneering cooperation: PROPSTER and Austria’s market leader Weitzer Parkett offer apartment buyers an innovative tool for selecting parquet flooring. We work together with Weitzer Parkett to make it easier for home buyers to make decisions about parquet flooring and in return to be able to guarantee our customers planning and technical security.

What will my desired parquet flooring look like in the new apartment?

This answer to this question is one of the most important facts for the home buyer. Up to now, the manufacturer’s website, product samples, general product images and a certain amount of imagination have served as the basis for the buyer’s decision. The final result could only be seen when the keys were handed over, which for some apartment buyers often ended with a surprise. Many property developers try to give their customers a better feeling about the furnishings and fittings of their apartments by means of visualisations, but usually only visualise the products that have been defined as standard in the construction and furnishing description. However, the home buyer almost always has his own ideas about the furnishings and fittings and, especially when it comes to the floor coverings, he resorts to alternatives. Thus, the property developer is faced with the challenge of providing suitable alternatives on the one hand, in order to be able to guarantee a certain product and planning security, and on the other hand, to keep the individualisation process as lean as possible before the requirement is made. Optimal communication and organisation are the main focus here.

Weitzer Parkett Sonderwunsch App

Example apartment configurator in PROPSTER app with Weitzer Parkett products

Presentation of alternative products and handling of special requests

We offer with PROPSTER an optimal solution to bring together apartment buyers and property developers or project developers. The buyer receives online access where he can view not only the standard equipment but also the available alternative products. Products from the most diverse trades are used here. From floor coverings to kitchens, sanitary, security, electrical and other, everything that is relevant for the home buyer is included. The aim is to bring the entire individualisation process under better control by means of a well thought-out selection of alternatives and to simplify the entire communication with the buyer with this site. The presentation of the products is in any case of great importance in order to give the buyer an ideal insight into the alternatives. In order to counteract the aforementioned problem, it is equally important to show the individual product variants within a possible living situation. PROPSTER solves this challenge with an apartment configurator, which presents the available products in a visualised sample apartment. In this way, the buyer can examine each alternative and each variant in the visualisation and thus find a clear decision more quickly. PROPSTER effectively implements the true saying for you: A picture says more than 1000 words.

Fewer individual changes through more choice

It may sound a bit paradoxical that more choice of products generates fewer individual changes, so here is a short explanation: The approach is to offer the customer a certain selection of alternative products at the sampling stage in order to be able to plan and calculate more precisely. Instead of overburdening the customer with an unmanageable number of products on the market or even calculating them as individual commissions, it should be easier for all parties involved. A sensible selection of variants is worked out in advance. Experience shows that with 4-6 variants, the real individual changes can be reduced drastically. This saves time and nerves, both for the developer and the customer. This is exactly the approach the cooperation between PROPSTER and Weitzer Parkett follows.

Sonderwunsch Meister Konfigurator

All Weitzer products in the home configurator

Through the cooperation with Weitzer Parkett we have managed to integrate a large part of the products in our home configurator with the support of Weitzer Parkett. Buyers now have the possibility to see their desired parquet directly in a visualised sample apartment, which in turn supports them in their decision making. Developers can thus be sure that their customers get an optimal picture of the available parquet floors and generally stick with these products.

Why did PROPSTER choose the brand Weitzer Parkett?

Weitzer Parkett – founded in 1831 – is Austria’s market leader for parquet floors and wooden stairs. The family business, now in its seventh generation, is one of the leading parquet manufacturers in Europe and is active worldwide. The products are adapted to the needs of end customers – Weitzer Parkett offers numerous extraordinary functionalities, such as maintenance-free parquet, healthy parquet or renovation with Weitzer Parkett.    Are you interested in testing PROPSTER yourself? Then register here for a DEMO presentation.