VOLA and Sonderwunsch Meister cooperate

Forward-looking cooperation: PROPSTER and the exclusive fittings manufacturer VOLA, offer an innovative tool for the selection of fittings for residential and office projects.

The cooperation with the exclusive faucet manufacturer from Denmark is a logical step to expand the product range within our platform. The aim is to make it easier for customers to make decisions about bathroom and kitchen fittings and to guarantee property developers and project developers planning and technical security. VOLA stands for Scandinavian craftsmanship, supported by state-of-the-art technology.


Years of training and well-founded know-how are necessary to create the typical VOLA spout from a piece of pipe, to create an almost invisible solder joint and to finish the surface perfectly.

By using the highest quality materials, VOLA can produce products of the best possible quality. Mixer taps, fittings and accessories are made of solid brass and Ecobrass®, while many products are made of stainless steel. All valve bodies are produced using dezincification-resistant brass.

Recycling & Environment

For fifty years the VOLA brand has stood for inimitable Danish design and the highest quality standards. As a logical consequence, the high quality standards are also continued in the procurement and manufacturing processes, resulting in sustainable and resource-saving production. VOLA life cycle means that 100% of waste is recovered and recycled, simply to meet the responsibility towards the environment and future generations. The products themselves last for generations – well beyond a normal life cycle.

What will my dream bathroom look like in the new home?

This question is of great importance to every home buyer. Up to now, the manufacturer’s website, product samples, general product images and a certain amount of imagination on the part of the buyer have served as the basis for deciding on a purchase. Until now, the final result could only be seen when the keys were handed over, which for some apartment buyers often ended in a sobering surprise.

Many property developers try to give their customers a better feeling about the equipment of their flats by visualizations and usually only visualize the products that have been defined as standard in the construction and equipment description. The home buyer, however, almost always has his own ideas about the equipment and uses alternatives, especially for floor coverings and sanitary products. This confronts the property developer with the challenge of providing suitable options to ensure a certain product and planning reliability. On the other hand, property developers would like to keep this process of special requests processing as lean as possible. Optimum communication and organisation are at the forefront here.

Presentation of alternative products and individual changes

We offer with PROPSTER an optimal solution to bring together apartment buyers and property developers or project developers. The buyer receives online access where he can see the available alternative products in addition to the standard equipment. Here, products from the most diverse trades are used. From floor coverings to kitchens, sanitary facilities, security systems, electrical installations and more, everything that is relevant for the home buyer is included. The aim is to bring the individualisation process under control by means of a well thought-out selection of alternatives and to keep the entire communication with the buyer on this page.

The presentation of the products is in any case of great importance in order to give the buyer an ideal insight into the alternatives. In order to counteract the aforementioned problem, it is equally important to show the individual product variants within a possible living situation. PROPSTER solves this challenge with a bathroom configurator, which presents the products available for selection in a visualised sample bathroom. In this way, the buyer can examine every available alternative in the visualisation and thus reach a clear decision more quickly.

Fewer individual changes through more choice

Although this may seem contradictory at first, a larger selection of products reduces the number of individual changes: the approach is to offer the customer a certain selection of alternative products at the sampling stage in order to be able to plan and calculate more accurately. Instead of overburdening the customer with an unmanageable number of products on the market, or even calculating commissions for them individually, it should be easier for all parties involved.

A sensible selection of variants is worked out in advance. Experience shows that with 4-6 variants, the real individual changes can be reduced drastically. Thus the complexity of the topic is decisively defused. This saves time and nerves, both for the developer and the customer. This is exactly the approach the cooperation between Sonderwunsch Meister and VOLA follows.

All VOLA products in the bathroom configurator

The cooperation with VOLA enables us to integrate a large part of the products in our bathroom configurator. Buyers now have the opportunity to see their desired bathroom directly in a visualised sample bathroom, which in turn supports them in their decision-making.

Developers can thus be sure that their customers get an optimal picture of the products available and generally stick with these products.

Why did PROPSTER choose the VOLA brand?

Since 1968 VOLA has stood for perfect Scandinavian craftsmanship using the highest quality materials. The products are manufactured in Horsens, Denmark by a dedicated and quality-conscious team.

If you are planning high-quality living or working space, there is no way around VOLA. Therefore, it is our duty to list VOLA’s products in our product database and to give our customers the opportunity to use the range in their projects. We are starting with a selection of products and in the coming months we will be updating the entire VOLA range.

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