Ulrich Reitenberger counts on PROPSTER

Ulrich Reitenberger is developing a new project with “Schöner Leben Nördlingen“. The city of the same name Nördlingen has just under 20,000 inhabitants and is located in the heart of Bavaria. The old town is surrounded by a well-preserved medieval city wall with towers and a covered battlement. The inhabitants and tourists of Nördlingen can look forward to regular markets and historical festivals.

Ulrich Reitenberger is constructing 4 buildings, which include a total of 32 modern condominiums. House 1 and 2 each house 7 residential units. House 3 contains 5 residential units and house 4 contains 15 residential units, which are reserved for 60+ living. The ground floor apartments of houses 1 to 3 have a garden and terraces, the apartments on the first floor balconies and the penthouse apartments roof terraces. House 4 will have a community garden area. The residential complex convinces by its attractive location, within sight of the medieval old town of Nördlingen. Leisure and shopping facilities can be easily reached on foot. The individual residential units are configured digitally using our platform. In the course of the further construction progress of the residential project, our platform will also be used for the communication of deficiencies.