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Strengthen sales, sample faster and process special requests more efficiently

Shorten the decision-making process of your customers when buying a property, sample together with your customers online and reduce special requests by up to 75%.

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Solve the industry's biggest problems

Satisfied customers mean less stress and complications for you as a developer. With PROPSTER, customers feel ideally looked after and you save time and nerves by reducing appointments and errors.

Analysis & Planning

Customer management involve a lot of work in terms of checking feasibility, obtaining prices and submitting offers. However, this can be avoided with product variants that are well matched to the project.

Fit-out process

Customer appointments and the fit-out process are time-consuming and thus a significant cost driver. However, these can be reduced to a minimum through tried and tested processes.

Buying process

Processing a customer and meeting deadlines is a complex and error-prone issue. PROPSTER informs via automatic notifications and supports you in adhering to schedules.

Implementation on the construction site

In terms of customer satisfaction and to avoid high costs for rework or discounts, it is important to forward the relevant information 1:1 to the construction site.

Online Sales

Support your sales and use the competitive advantage

With a few clicks, your customers can find their new four walls. Here they can get all the information, get a visual first impression of their home and submit an enquiry to your sales team.

Online fit-out process

Offer your customers an optimal buying experience

With visual support, the homebuyer independently selects his furnishings from a narrow product range. Significantly fewer special requests and more satisfied customers are the result!


Use PROPSTER for intuitive planning

The integrated planning tool can be used to reschedule floor plans or the electrical plan. The very simple operation makes planning easy for your customers and provides an overview of costs.

Customer management

Create customer documents at the touch of a button

It has never been easier to provide customers with information, manage them and create quotations and sampling protocols. Faster and more sustainable customer decisions save time and nerves.

Collaboration platform

Simple processing and data exchange with the craftsmen

Control the executing companies digitally. At the push of a button, your subcontractors receive orders, information for inspection or tasks for execution. The system helps you coordinate while meeting deadlines.


We currently support more than 90 clients on over 200 projects with over 15,000 buyers, tenants or investors.

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