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PROPSTER’s online tool keeps track of everything allowing you spend more time on essential tasks. Collaborate with customers and contractors in one place. Complete the handover and defect management processes online.

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PROPSTER reimagines how you showcase your projects whilst empowering prospective buyers. Furthermore thanks to digitalisation your teams will realise efficiencies in traditionally laborious processes such as handover and defect management.

Time & Cost-Efficient

Streamline your workflows and free-up your teams from time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Accessible Documentation

Give your teams and your contractors access to the most up-to-date project data and documentation at all times and in one platform.

Online Collaboration

Keep track of open tasks at all times and collaborate with project participants on one platform.

Quick & Easy Handover

Complete the handover process online and maintain digitised records at every step along the way.


Handover is a quick and simple when using a tablet. Defect reports are created by marking the location on the digital floor plan before adding a description and a photo. The report is made available through the platform where relevant parties can view, sign and update the status of defects.

Online Submission of Defect Reports

Owners and tenants submit defect reports via the customer platform. The advantages for the developer and the subcontractors lie in the completeness and uniformity of the data structure which alows for initial verification to be completed online. Furthermore, the platform creates a clear overview of a project's defects which indicates the status and date that individual defects are due to be rectified.


Collaborate With Project Participants in One Platform

Project participants have continuous access to the latest info down to the level of individual apartments within a development. Documentation can be worked on collaboratively which saves time by removing the need for information requests whilst also reducing errors caused by outdated or incomplete information.


We currently support more than 90 clients on over 200 projects with over 15,000 buyers, tenants or investors.

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