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Give your customers the freedom to configure their apartments online. Provide them with a choice of fit-outs and furnishings as well as additional services. Manage properties more effectively online and drive customer satisfaction. 

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Improve the experience for your customers with PROPSTER

Keep your customer satisfied by allowing them to get more done through the platform.


Personalised online configuration helps reduce calls and in-person meetings by up to 75%.


Avoid the high costs of reworks by forwarding the relevant information 1:1 to the construction site.


We provide extensive support through the platform meaning your interactions with customers are stress-free.

Easy Online Configuration

Provide exceptional customer journeys. Our online configurator applies the best ecommerce practices to make the configuration process easy and intuitively understandable for every user.

Personalised customer experience

Give your customers the freedom to configure their properties. Provide a selection of bespoke fit-out choices and services to personalise the experience and drive satisfaction.

Seamless documentation and communication flows

Exchange messages, updates and relevant documents via PROPSTER. Simplify the documentation process and keep all communications in one place to avoid inconsistencies and reduce execution errors.

Complete Customer Support

Every customer needs some level of support along the way. We take this responsibility off your shoulders with a wide range of customer support options within the platform.


We currently support more than 90 clients on over 200 projects with over 15,000 buyers, tenants or investors.

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