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Builder management and tenant fit-out

Support the builder-owner in the fit-out process and thus accelerate the decision-making for product selection. Our digital tool supports you in the pre-selection of products from a database, using configuration and e-commerce to bring the right products and material to the construction site.


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Solve the industry's biggest problems

Real estate companies have to deal with various problems in the course of a project. PROPSTER is your ultimate tool to solve the following challenges.


Coordination appointments for project sampling are extremely time-consuming to plan and often involve long travels on the part of the building owners. In most cases, there is not only one decision-maker in the projects, and internal coordination without concrete preparation for the sampling date is a recurring project delay.


Current product data as well as a structured overview of own framework agreements are usually not available or at best available in Excel lists or in PowerPoint. Sampling folders are always created anew from an original template and are not available as "intelligent" lists.

Fit-Out process

Customer appointments and the fit out process are very time-consuming and thus a significant cost driver in projects. Without digital solutions, there are hardly any possibilities for independent and location-independent advance information and thus a reduction of appointments to a minimum.

Implementation on the construction site

Bringing the final fit-out selection to the construction site is one of the most difficult steps in complex building projects. The more different materials are sampled in different areas, the more time-consuming the entire undertaking becomes.

Company Dashboard

Cross-project reports and evaluations

Our dashboard provides you with all important data and key figures of the current project status at a glance. Through detailed project key figures and data from past projects, a better pre-selection of products can be made for the building owner for new projects.


Your own online product catalogue

Our Marketplace contains all the products that you offer to clients for selection in projects. You can add further products to your database at any time, for example from framework contract partners, and manage them centrally. Use the existing PROPSTER database to access a wide range of product data.

Online-configuration and fit-out process

The configurator also supports the building owner in 3D during the sampling process. Here, the products you have preselected are visually displayed and, if necessary, the costs are calculated directly. The result is fewer consultation appointments with the client, accelerated decision-making, greater transparency and satisfaction on both sides.

Builder-owner management

Client documents, deadlines and dates

It has never been easier to provide customers with information, manage them and create quotations and sampling protocols. Faster and more sustainable customer decisions save time and nerves.


Simple processing and data exchange with all project participants

Product lists can be edited by several project participants and provided to the builder in an easily understandable way.
Notify the executing companies digitally. At the push of a button, your subcontractors receive orders, information for inspection or tasks for execution. The system helps the building owner with decisions and through automatic notifications of deadlines.


We currently support more than 90 clients on over 200 projects with over 15,000 buyers, tenants or investors.

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