Service Platform – Everything for the move

From the configuration platform to the service platform

The service platform makes everything new. There will come a time when each and every one of us will have to ask ourselves whether we have used the time during the lockdown and, above all, how we used it. Now is the time to tackle projects that were lined up at the back of the queue again with full vigour. Or to give free rein to your ideas… in short, to push innovation. We would like to set a good example and have used the time to extend our platform with some new and very practical features.

Behind the scenes of the move

A move can often become a mammoth project. Those who navigate here without a checklist will quickly find themselves in chaotic situations. Most of us know these scenes only too well. As each of us has moved at least once in our lives. Checklists are all well and good, but there is a much easier way. PROPSTER has made it its business to question and optimize processes. So we have seriously looked into this topic in order to take it to the next level. The digital platform enables the buyer to configure the apartment in a playful and simple way and at the same time to communicate directly with the developer. Transparent and all from one source. We have now gone one step further by adding new and practical features.

PROPSTER presents a variety of new services for investors, developers & property buyers

After the newly acquired property has been configured with furnishing elements such as floor coverings, kitchen equipment and sanitary facilities etc., the first thoughts about the move soon come up. This is where PROPSTER provides support with its new service platform. A new electricity provider, the future household insurance, the Internet & TV connection, a possible removal service, removal articles, craftsmen and helpers, the forwarding order, furniture and accessories, electrical and household appliances and of course everything for the outdoor area. From now on, this can also be done conveniently and as usual online from home via the PROPSTER service platform. The big advantage for the buyer is that he can find everything at a glance and at the same time compare prices and ratings. This, in turn, is something that every wallet gratefully accepts.

Moving like a Digital Native

The analogue times are over latest since the current pandemic. Now it is important to reach the goal even more efficiently and to avoid unnecessary processes. In the hectic times we live in, it is all the more valuable if platforms support us in this. This means that all the necessary plans for the planned move can be initiated digitally. From the comfort of your own home and subsequently implemented. A happy buyer is thus guaranteed. Who wouldn’t be, for example, if the router was already installed and fully functional on the day the apartment was handed over. Only through precise planning can projects be realized on time. Thanks to the new features on our platform, this is a playfully easy process that saves time and simplifies things.

What changes for the developer and the investor?

The platform will be expanded to include the topic of relocation and the associated activities. The purpose of the new services is to increase the satisfaction of the buyers and above all to create a deeper bond between developer, investor and buyer. If all parties are happy, this can only be a success story and this is what we all strive for in the end.

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