Roomhero cooperation brings new features

PROPSTER extends with Roomhero its features by the furnishing of real estates


Roomhero was founded in 2014 and is Europe’s first digital interior designer for residential and commercial properties. The company’s goal is to increase the return on investment for investors through the targeted and appropriate furnishing of properties. For this purpose, proprietary algorithms and evaluation mechanisms have been developed. The furnishing meets the individual requirements and is adapted to the floor plan of the respective residential or commercial unit.

Integration in PROPSTER

We integrate the services of Roomhero directly into the PROPSTER software. Thus we offer property developers, project developers and their customers an extended set of features for the furnishing of their residential projects. Consequently, this cooperation adds another core element to the individualization of real estate.

More time, more return

Investors benefit twice over from our new feature. You save a lot of time in the selection, logistical organisation and setup of the facility. On the other hand, by furnishing the properties accordingly, they can greatly enhance their value and achieve up to 60% higher rental returns.

Attractive advantages for property developers

The advantages for property developers and project developers are obvious: If they sell their properties to investors, they can show off new sales arguments. Because property developers who count on PROPSTER can now offer their investors a one-stop shop solution. This relieves investors of a great deal of organisational work relating to the fittings AND furnishings of the property. We thus offer property developers and project developers a future-oriented platform that not only keeps pace with the modern requirements of the industry, but also actively helps to shape them.

Presentation at the FUTURE: PropTech

We already have a first project in the pipeline with Roomhero. Within the scope of the
FUTURE: PropTech Berlin on September 13th, 2018, we will hold a lecture with Roomhero on the topic “When Startups meet Corporates”, where we will share our thoughts and common experiences around the cooperation with established companies.