Real estate agents under pressure

There is something coming up for the real estate economy, which real estate agents in particular should focus on! Something is happening in the real estate agent sector! With the services McMakler and Vendomo there are two start-ups in Germany, which want to change the business with real estate.

Both advertise with the theme ‘save agent commission’ and offer a service for both rental and purchase properties. Of course this is nothing new, but the difference is that here strong investors in the background provide enough financial power to be more than just ‘a development that should be watched over the next few years’.

It is also the fact that there have been more developments in this direction in recent years and it looks as if the wave of supposed innovation is not stopping. This makes it all the more important for traditional real estate agents to reposition themselves, to further emphasise their strengths and to focus more on innovation in technology and marketing.

McMakler does not shy away from the comparison!

McMakler shows very strikingly what you save compared to a classic real estate agent. Simply move the slider back and forth between €100,000 and €1.5 million and you will see that it seems to pay off in any case. There is also a tabular overview of what exactly makes the difference between McMakler and a classic real estate agent. Both start-ups offer their services at a fixed price and the service portfolio is definitely worth seeing.

Vendomo wants to be successful with a lot of information and a blog.

The appearance of Vendomo is a bit more conservative and the communication strategy is more focused on information. So if you want to take the time, you can read a lot about why Vendomo is the right choice and you can also read in the blog what you should consider when marketing a property.

In conclusion, one can say that it will certainly be exciting to follow the current developments and in any case, in my opinion, real estate agents should not dismiss all these start-ups as a short-term phenomenon, but reflect on their strengths and also meet the changing market with innovation and creativity.

Real Estate Agents Update 2019

The management of Vendomo, a startup company belonging to Rocket Internet, decided to discontinue the service in January 2016, shortly after they decided to rebrand it under the name RightHome. McMakler, on the other hand, is still holding its own in the market in 2018, took over Vendomo’s golden communication strategy and is implementing this excellently in a blog with plenty of helpful content about real estate.

Exactly the same strategy we are following and you can read our further blog article HERE.