PROPSTER partners with London’s renowned furniture supplier DAVID PHILLIPS

David Phillips

The move brings the proptech start-up closer to offering full online configuration of UK residential property sales

PROPSTER, the digital customer platform that enables buyers and tenants to view and choose fit-out options virtually, has announced a key partnership with specialist furnishing services provider David Phillips.

David Phillips, which supplies furniture for every segment of the property market, brings the PROPSTER platform closer to achieving its vision of enabling buyers to configure the fit-out of their properties, including appliances and furnishings, entirely online. A capability that is becoming particularly important for businesses and consumers in a post-Covid and increasingly globalised world. The partnership will also help David Phillips advance ongoing efforts to digitise its operations. Furthermore, the furnisher will benefit from the ability to effectively introduce their brand directly to end-users. 

Nicholas Gill, David Phillips CEO, said of the partnership: 

“In partnering with PROPSTER we’re ensuring that David Phillips is at the forefront of the digitisation taking place in the property industry. Furthermore, working closely with PROPSTER will advance our efforts around introducing our brand to investors and owner-occupiers across various price points.”

Speaking of the newly announced partnership, PROPSTER Founder Milan Zahradnik said:

“By partnering with David Phillips, we’re expanding the range of furnishings available through the platform. This means property developers and landlords can offer more fit-out choices across a range of price points. The completeness of information, including cost breakdowns, allows buyers/tenants to make informed decisions and better prepare for meetings with sales staff.

“Crucially, developers will also benefit from the additional sales opportunities that a wider product range and more choice brings; but in a simplified way so they are not dealing with multiple suppliers, just one platform, PROPSTER. Ultimately, we’re working to make online configuration a more convenient way for buyers to organise the fit-out and furnishing of their property – well in advance of their move in date.”

Currently, large property developers will often provide interested buyers with mock-ups of various fit-out options. PROPSTER’s customer platform augments this process by allowing buyers to view different fit-out options online in real-time. This includes the ability to view various combinations of products before making a final selection. 

This level of interactivity is much more convenient for both property developer and customer. It reduces the need for in-person consultations and discovery calls during the early stages of the buyer’s decision-making process. This presents obvious benefits for off-plan buyers constrained by time or geographic distance. Moreover, PROPSTER’s digital customer platform helps property developers create a meaningful first impression on prospective buyers. This ability to engage with a project forms an emotional bond in the minds of prospective buyers.