Property developers and PROPSTER

In the following article the most important technical advantages of PROPSTER for property developers are presented. We go into aspects such as deadlines, communication and documentation.

PROPSTER for property developers

We have already published an article about the advantages from the point of view of marketing and sales, which you can read again here. However, the viewpoint of the individualisation process representative is just as important if not more important.
PROPSTER is designed to be a supporting platform in the processing of individual changes, making a significant contribution to the optimisation of communication, compliance with construction deadlines and comprehensive documentation. Let us take a look at the whole thing in detail:


During the conception of PROPSTER, it was clear to us from the beginning how important the optimization of communication processes will be, both within the company and externally with the customer. For this reason, we kept the usability of PROPSTER as simple as possible and used proven design and communication models. The goal is to handle the individualization process to a large extent via the platform. Of course you cannot replace the personal conversation 100%, which is also not the goal of PROPSTER. We want to give the customer an optimal overview and create an interface between the developer and his customer. A certain automation of communication in certain areas, as is known in the eCommerce sector, forms the basis of the communication system.



The time limits originated in the field of communication and are intended to guide the client in terms of timing decisions. This is eminently important for the progress of the construction work in order not to have to accept delays. The list of deadlines, which is provided by the general contractor or architect and digitized on the platform, serves as the basis. This means that customers not only have the opportunity to inform themselves about deadlines independently and quickly, they are also automatically reminded of the expiry of a deadline if desired. In addition, the deadlines are adapted to the respective equipment products and individual changes based on the component and construction progress. This means that customers on the ground floor have to decide on certain trades earlier than on the top floor, where the deadline naturally comes later.



Proper documentation is the basis for an optimal project conclusion. Be it as a legal safeguard or to record the development of expenses versus additional sales. If you have the possibility to trace the communication and orders at any time, you are always on the safe side. Another aspect is the reporting system, which is excellently developed within PROPSTER. Here it is possible to call up individual customer details as well as to trace developments within trades or individual products. This information is a good basis for the next projects and to carry out certain optimization measures within communication, offer and process.

Have you become curious? Then simply test PROPSTER yourself and register here to get access to our DEMO version.

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