Problem solutions – starting signal for new series

Problem solutions – starting signal for series production

We solve one of the biggest problems of the construction industry. This sentence has accompanied us on our way for more than 2 years now. It clearly defines our intentions as a business. But let us not fool ourselves! Every builder, project developer, general contractor or even architect can testify that special requests often have a very pale aftertaste. The expenditure is enormous, the benefit rather one-sided.

With our platform we put our claim into practice and deliver a solution that more than satisfies both sides. However, we have acquired a taste for it, and just solving one problem is not enough for us. They are out there and they all want to be solved, so we do what we do best. We observe, listen, analyse and finally try to find solutions with all parties involved.

On the one hand we had representatives from Duravit,Geberit, Siblik, A1 Telekom, Artweger, Evon, Villeroy & Boch Fliesen, Miele, Weitzer Parkett and Vola at one table. On the other hand, we had brought together an experienced special request processor and the Propster team of specialists for discussion. “By talking, people come together”, as the saying goes. Problems await us in many places. Be it because black ends of oak parquet flooring are created after completion and due to insufficient ventilation, or because mould is forming on the walls. Because the sealing between the bathtub/shower and the tiles does not hold properly or because there is no mobile phone reception in the concrete bunker, which really drives us crazy, just to name a few examples.

Satisfied customers whether property developers or apartment buyers are close to our hearts, so we will present the results of our efforts in detail on our blog in the coming weeks. Our goal is to eliminate these mistakes completely and in advance, because efficient and correct work saves us all a lot of time and has a positive effect on our health through less stress.

Duravit is launching our “series of problem solutions” in cooperation with Würth, but this recurring problem is worth a blog post of its own, so stay tuned to our blog for more.