Founding of PROPSTER

After foundation of PROPSTER – 6-digit investment!

I am very pleased that with Susanne Gulz, Christiane Weissenborn and Markus Ertler we have not only been able to bring three investors on board, but also three personalities who will bring us a great deal further with their know-how and their network’ says Milan Zahradnik, Founder and CEO at the beginning of September after the founding of PROPSTER.
When we started at the beginning of 2016, after one year of preparation and the successful ‘proof of concept’ and ‘proof of market’, it was clear to me that I only wanted to realise my goals over the next few years with very specific partners, and that it would not be a pure investment at the beginning. That is why I am all the more pleased to be able to bring so-called ‘smart money’ into our start-up company in order to ensure an optimal starting situation for our next measures.

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

The D-A-CH region represents the countries in which we would like to gain further ground in the next two years. Among others, we are particularly interested in the rapidly growing cities of Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. The focus is on privately financed residential construction and capital and retirement projects. In these areas we have already been able to implement projects in Vienna, Linz and Berlin.

Covering the entire communication chain

What exactly can PROPSTER do now? As the name already reveals, the focus is on the individualisation process for residential projects. With our SaaS (Software as a service) based solution, we focus on communication and organisation. In the foreground is the digitalisation of the entire process and the communication chain between apartment buyer and property developer or project developer. Basically, this begins with marketing and continues through the individualization process to the handover of the apartment or the guarantee of the individual apartments.

Minimize costs and effort for the property developer

Various features, such as the floor plan planner, deadline management or the message box, provide the property developer with many possibilities to further optimize his processes in terms of organization and communication. After the first projects, we can already see the potential for the property developer in an optimised individualization process and the positive effects this has on the apartment buyers.

More transparency for apartment buyers through information

The home buyer, whether as owner-occupier or investor, benefits above all from improved communication and documentation. Particularly with a somewhat more complex topic, such as the individulisation process, transparency is not only important for the buyer, but also in further consequence a great concern for the property developer, who is always interested in a satisfied and well-informed customer.

Milan Zahradnik

Milan Zahradnik – Founder and CEO PROPSTER

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