Precaution Apartments and the Organisation of new construction projects

Our currently completed project in Berlin for Profi Partner AG, Derff22. proves that the individualisation process for retirement apartments or capital investment projects can be effectively implemented with PROPSTER. For investors the special request is not necessarily in the first place – it concerns with priority communication and documentation

The communication between apartment buyer and property developer or project developer is one of many topics that PROPSTER covers. In addition to communication, the focus is also on organisation and documentation. Regardless of how extensive the individualisation offer is, these aspects are essential in order to ensure smooth communication both with the customer and internally.

We wanted to offer our investors, in addition to a certain selection of alternatives in floor coverings and sanitary facilities, above all the opportunity to always be up-to-date with the current status of planning and construction activities. In addition, our customers were able to inform themselves about various topics in advance via our FAQs and, if necessary, to contact us at any time via message box. This is the main focus for us, because we want to offer our investors the best possible transparency’ says Monique Dienst, from Profi Partner AG.

Buyers of retirement homes attach importance to communication and documentation

There is no question that even 3 years after the start of the project it is important to know what was communicated when and with whom on a specific topic. At the latest when it comes to defect management, you can see how important it is to have clear documentation.
The individualisation process and optimal communication between customer and property developer already starts with the marketing, which is sometimes grossly underestimated or simply overlooked. Often the sales department is the first point of contact when it comes to desired changes and therefore it is important to have a clear communication and organisational structure right from the beginning of the project phase. Exactly for this reason, the special request master is in most cases already used from this point.

Sonderwünsche bei Vorsorgewohnungen

List of deadlines and online sampling

‘There are also deadlines and the need for sampling for retirement homes, which must be communicated to our investors. Particularly for customers who are resident abroad and cannot attend a personal appointment, online processing is an enormous relief for us and also for the investors,’ Dienst adds.

Getting the information and documents when you need them is extremely important in order not to risk delays in planning and construction. A customer deadline list is an important step towards creating order. This deadline list is integrated into your PROPSTER project and is not only available for your customers to review, but is also automatically managed by the system and communicated to all parties involved at the right time.

Online sampling is ideal when customers do not have the time or opportunity to attend a personal sampling. In this case, the sampling is simply carried out online via PROPSTER and this gives the property or project developer product and planning security for the apartment buyer. The customer is guided through each trade and must make a selection from the available options. Here he finds pictures and descriptions directly from the manufacturer, which are supplemented with important information from the property developer.

Optimal processing as a basis for the next project

Particularly in the case of retirement homes, where in most cases customers do not just buy a flat, optimal handling is the basis for a satisfied customer who is again a potential buyer in a new project. In further consequence also the recommendation plays an important role, which can be promoted by the already mentioned measures.
We would like our customers to see PROPSTER as their communication and information platform around their flat or apartments in order to have a direct and effective line to place new projects with our existing customers.’ my Monique Dienst from Profi Partner AG concludes. ‘It is very important to us to offer our investors a modern way of communication, which in return saves us a lot of work, because we not only get all correspondence precisely documented, but also support in the organization of the projects through a system that could also be easily implemented in our company’.

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