Optimal individualisation process with PROPSTER

Many companies leave a lot of money on individualisation processes and thus not only miss the opportunity to save costs but also overlook an additional source of income. In this article we would like to point out the 5 most important points in the individualization process, which make PROPSTER indispensable for your housing project.

The 5 most important points for the individualisation process

  • Improve communication with customers

The individualization process already begins with the marketing of your project. Make sure that your brokers also know what exactly can be offered to the prospective buyer or what is ideally answered to questions in this direction. In order to provide prospective buyers and brokers with a source of information, our customers use the special request master as early as the marketing phase.

If you are also interested in boosting your sales with individualisation processes, then this is exactly the right time to present all the possibilities or special offers to your prospective buyers.
PROPSTER is also an essential factor from a sales psychological point of view. Because similar to the purchase of a new car, where you can’t get along without a car configurator, we also rely on the same effect when buying an apartment.

  • meet deadlines

An essential factor in successfully handling individual changes is the adherence to specified deadlines. Each trade, down to the individual product, can be limited in time and not only assigned to individual apartments, but also grouped together to stand for entire floors or construction phases. The flat buyers are informed in time about the periods and expired periods are to be seen in the special request master completely simply.

You can decide for yourself whether a product should disappear from the system after the deadline has expired, or whether it should be greyed out but still be available on request. You can adapt the display flexibly from project to project and from target group to target group to get the best out of your individual changes.

  • Improve internal communication

Internal communication is a major factor in the individualization process. Often this part is neglected and holds an enormous potential for problems and additional effort due to the long time span of the individualization process. PROPSTER helps you to always take the right steps at the right time by certain automatisms in the communication. Expand the degree of automation at any time depending on the project and adapt the individualization process to your needs in communication.

  • Optimize organization

Communication and organization go hand in hand and should ideally be coordinated. PROPSTER enables you to automate not only communication, but also parts of the organization. The sequence of the respective steps is adapted to your needs at the beginning based on our standard components and thus ensures that you keep track of every project. In addition, you have the possibility to organize your team even further and to assign tasks to yourself or internal or external colleagues. Creating telephone logs and communicating directly with the customer from the system are further important key features in this area.

  • Increase turnover

Because one is already very busy with organisation and communication, few people think about generating additional income from the individualisation process. You will see, however, that as soon as the first measures in your optimized special request processing begin to take effect, the idea of increasing your turnover through this will no longer sound so far-fetched.
Many companies see the individualisation process as a free service for the customer and do not realize that they are aiming at the exact opposite. According to the motto ‘what costs nothing is worth nothing’, the individualization process is not appreciated by customers. On the one hand out of a lack of understanding for the effort involved, on the other hand because many companies simply do not offer clear communication to the customer.
The goal must be to guide customers through clear structures, to show them what is basically possible with individualization process and why it has the price it has.
You will quickly realize that you not only save costs, but also offer a service to those who are willing to invest more in their home.

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