OÖ Wohnbau chooses PROPSTER

Oberösterreich Wohnbau has already implemented a project in the Cumberlandstraße in Gmunden with PROPSTER, and now that the special request processing for this first project is running smoothly, the company has decided to integrate the PROPSTER solution company-wide and across all projects.

PROPSTER supports OÖ Wohnbau in the individualisation process and in the course of the projects, the solutions for property transfer and shortage management are also used.

OÖ Wohnbau has been active in the non-profit housing market for 60 years, is present in over 250 municipalities and has implemented around 260 municipal construction projects. OÖ Wohnbau builds residential buildings and semi-detached houses, with the focus on creating ownership. In addition, the company manages around 42,000 units in Oberösterreich. The company currently employs 160 people.

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