No time for handling individual changes?

Do you simply have no time for handling individual changes? Then don’t outsource everything to the general contractor or the professionals right away. If required, we can now support you directly in the individualisation process and take over 1st level support for you.

In any case, you want to keep track of the individualisation process, because this is the only way to keep control, a satisfied customer and in the end less work. Because in any case you are the direct contact person for the apartment buyer and as soon as something does not work as it should, you will have to deal with the various problems.

Your customer is in focus

We start exactly where the effort and challenges of the individualisation process begin – namely with the apartment buyer. Current processes focus on the technical processing and communication between the property developer and the executing companies. In most cases, the apartment buyer is left out in the cold. We close this gap and provide your customers with an optimal overview of all issues relevant to your smooth processing.

Your company is in focus

We guarantee the complete documentation of your communication and processes, which are eminently important for the optimal handling of your housing projects. Timely communication of deadlines, automated dispatch of legally binding information and the possibility to carry out sampling online make PROPSTER indispensable. In addition, the handover of the apartment as well as the defect management is also handled via our system.

We take over the 1st-Level Support for you

Many customers who outsource the individualisation process into the hands of the general contractor or directly to the professionals have understood that it is important to maintain control and overview of the individual changes. In order to guarantee this, however, many are faced with the challenge of assigning the right contact persons internally and in most cases it is then employees who cannot, of course, deal 100% with the individualisation process.
We have reacted to the concrete needs of our customers and now offer additional 1st level support for every project.

The following services are included:

  • Training of a support staff member regarding project specifics and the request process
  • Processing of all inquiries via the message box or telephone and transfer of tickets to project management from 2nd level support
  • Checking all individual changes for correctness and, if necessary, communication with apartment buyers to clarify open points
  • Passing on valid individual changes to project management
  • Follow-up telephone calls to the apartment buyers regarding expired deadlines
  • Telephoning of the apartment buyers regarding open confirmations of documents
  • Final meeting with suggestions for improvement and joint review of the project reports

Interested? Then register now for the DEMO presentation or contact us at +43 1 361 01 01 or office@propbkp.test