New function: Product dependencies

PROPSTER is always trying to create new functions and improve existing ones. That’s why we took a closer look at the product logic of our platform and found that there is still potential for improvement. Sometimes you want to show or even hide certain products only after other related products have been selected. With the new feature, our property developers and project developers can do just that and make products invisible/visible, depending on the dependencies that have been previously defined.

The best way to explain the whole thing is with an example:
We have 4 products: Washbasin A, Washbasin B, Fitting A, Fitting B

What could we hide here?

Hide washbasin A, if tap B was chosen.
Hide washbasin B if tap A is selected.
Hide tap A if tap B is selected.
Hide tap B if tap A is selected.
Conversely, we can also display products only after certain products have been selected.

Show washbasin A only when tap A is selected.
Show washbasin B only when tap B is selected.
Display tap B only after tap B has been selected.
Do not display tap A until tap A has been selected.
The new product dependency function gives property developers and project developers a more complex way of displaying certain product paths. This gives them even more control over the individualisation process.