MÜLLER WOHNBAU relies on PROPSTER for Alte Landstraße in Bludesch.

The Alte Landstraße is a project of Müller Wohnbau GmbH

In the middle of the panorama

Sun-kissed, idyllic, and the beauty of the landscape right on your doorstep. Those who find their new home in the new, high-quality residential complex in Bludesch will also find their happiness. Close to the woods, surrounded by colourful flowering meadows and yet fox and hare do not say good night here. Because the lively town centre is only a stone’s throw away. Two buildings with a total of 17 flats are being built in the Alte Landstraße in Bludesch. On large terraces, you feel very close to nature. Here it is easy to relax and enjoy a sunny, bright attitude to life. The spacious outdoor facilities are also lovingly planned and intelligently designed. Families, in particular, will be pleased to find plenty of space and freedom for play and fun.

Heating with sustainable energy sources

An important argument in favour of the pellet stove from an ecological point of view is of course quite simply the heating material. Pellets are made of wood. Wood is generally not only considered to be renewable, but also climate-neutral. Burning wood itself does not produce more CO2 than the respective tree has previously filtered from the air. Pellet stoves are also modern heating solutions that are strictly controlled. Compared to an old wood-burning stove, they are considered to be significantly more environmentally friendly, which is achieved, among other things, by modern stove technology. The emissions from pellet stoves are therefore strictly controlled.

About Müller Wohnbau

For over 50 years, Müller Wohnbau in Vorarlberg has been creating innovative living spaces for all phases of life. At the core of their thoughts and actions, Müller Wohnbau wants to offer the highest quality of life and stability of value – for a future-oriented home worth living in. They only achieve this because Müller Wohnbau has a strong, committed team that shares the vision with Müller Wohnbau.

PROPSTER supports Müller Wohnbau in the project with our customer platform in the handling of special requests, defect management and handover of the flat. In addition, a project website including a floor plan navigator will be used.