Miele as a new partner at PROPSTER

In cooperation with Miele, PROPSTER now offers an innovative tool for kitchen configuration. We are working with Miele to simplify the decision-making process for all home buyers when it comes to kitchens.

Why did PROPSTER choose the Miele brand?

The Miele brand has been synonymous with quality, durability and reliability right from the start. All over the world, Miele is a premium brand for household appliances. Miele was voted ‘best brand ever’ in 2013. Such a brand also reveals something about its users: Miele customers demand high standards of performance, convenience, design, quality and environmental awareness from their household appliances. Whoever buys Miele shows quality awareness and style.

The fact that Miele has been able to live up to these high standards time and again over the past 120 years is evidenced by countless test victories and awards and, above all, by the many millions of satisfied customers around the world.

Miele is the only manufacturer in the industry to test products for a 20-year service life. Miele makes no compromises when it comes to quality and durability. There is also a 20-year availability guarantee on spare parts.

Miele stands for outstanding results with minimum energy consumption. This is ensured by many innovative features which are only available from Miele. Countless first places in product tests prove this.

Miele customers enjoy preferential treatment: This is guaranteed by our own fast and efficient after-sales service, which has often been voted the best in the industry. The 170 technicians try to become “ALWAYS BETTER” every day.

What will the kitchen look like in the new apartment?

Miele PROPSTER Küchenkonfigurator

This question is of great importance for the home buyer. Until now, the manufacturer’s website, product samples, general product images and a certain amount of imagination of the buyer have served as a basis for decision-making. In the kitchen studio, too, the desired kitchen could be configured together with the consultant.

Many property developers try to give their customers a better idea of the kitchen equipment by means of visualisations. However, visualisations are normally only those products that have been defined as standard in the building and equipment description. Due to the individual wishes of the home buyer, the property developer is faced with the challenge of providing suitable alternatives on the one hand, in order to be able to guarantee a certain product and planning security. On the other hand, the individualisation process must be kept as lean as possible. Optimal communication and organisation are the main focus of this tool.

Presentation of the alternative products and handling of the individual changes

Alternativprodukte im Miele PROPSTER Küchenkonfigurator

A wide variety of products can be configured in the Miele kitchen configurator. Some examples include various kitchen fronts, fittings, worktops, handles, kitchen sinks, electrical appliances, wall tiles, wall paints, parquet or seating furniture. By offering several alternatives in addition to the standard equipment, the home buyer can make an easier decision. The aim is to use a well thought-out selection of alternatives to bring the entire individualisation process under better control and to simplify all communication with the buyer on this page.

Through the visual presentation of the products, the home buyer can gain an ideal insight into the look and feel of the alternatives. In order to counteract the aforementioned problem, it is equally important to show the individual product variants within a possible living situation. This is why we present the Miele Kitchen in a visualised sample apartment. In this way, the buyer can examine each alternative and each variant in the visualisation and thus find a clear decision more quickly. Because one thing remains more than certain: pictures say more than 1000 words.

Fewer individual changes through more choice

The idea pursued so far proves us right. Because with 4-6 variants you can reduce the real individual changes to a minimum. This saves time and nerves, both for the developer and the customer. The current cooperation between PROPSTER and Miele also follows this proven approach.

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