Mental Stress in the Real Estate Industry

Mental stress in the real estate industry

Recently, we stumbled across a contribution from the “Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft”, on the topic of “Psychological stress in the working world”.

Everyday working life is dominated by the pressure to perform at a high level and a high tempo. Day after day, week after week. The time factor in particular plays a major role in the construction industry. It’s no secret that mental stress can lead to a wide range of health problems.

In principle, stressors are neutral for the time being. They refer to all external influences that affect a person, such as; daily tasks, responsibilities and the organisation itself. However, the effects of these stressors behave differently. Not everyone can permanently withstand this pressure, whether on the building site or in the office. The aim is to ensure that all working conditions are humane in order to maintain the working ability and health of employees over the long term.

Here at PROPSTER, we cannot influence the way the construction sites work, but that was never the aim. We can only influence the way that the administrative or office work around construction is carried out. More than 2 years ago, our founder & CEO Milan started to think seriously about special requests. The goal was to make it as smooth as possible and moreover efficient. That led to the birth of the platform that became PROPSTER – the master of special requests.

After all, those who save time and spare their nerves perform better and live more healthily. If we look back to the time before PROPSTER, we see countless Excel tables and complex constructs in our minds and that alone can cause stress. One might think that we have the solution par excellence for the construction industry and special requests. We do, but as with all new digital solutions that are coming onto the market, you have to get rid of old habits, especially bad ones, and take time for the process. Mark Twain once said: “You can’t throw a habit out of the window. You have to box it down the stairs, step by step.”

Construction projects can quickly end in chaos and with disappointed expectations of the buyers. This is usually caused by a lack of communication between the developer and the apartment buyer. On top of this, it becomes a bit more complicated when customers express special wishes. So if you fully engage with PROPSTER, you’ll soon realise what time savings and other advantages are possible. The solution is a uniform tool for communication, organisation and documentation to fulfil all requirements and wishes of both sides in a simple and clear way.

If you want to do something good for your company and your employees to prevent possible psychological stress, we would be happy to show you in just 3 small steps how much can be saved with PROPSTER.