Infomeeting Follow Up Report – Problem solutions go through the stomach

We at PROPSTER have made problem solutions our top priority. However, it is not enough for us to just give impulses, we also question existing processes and want to optimise them. Every three months we organise the Lead Product Partner Infomeeting to exchange information with our manufacturers and to address existing pain points.

Last Thursday evening we called for the first Infomeeting in the new year. Invited were representatives of the companies Villeroy & Boch, Artweger, Miele, Weitzer Parkett, Duravit, Geberit, Evon, Siblik, Vola and A1 Telekom Austria AG. In addition, we had a representative from the property developers on site, who has been dealing with the subject of special requests for over 15 years. We know from experience that a working meeting after a long day in the office is usually not very productive. But if there is no other way, at least the general conditions should be well thought through. Apart from the fact that problem solving is the goal, we wanted to give our participants a special time so we rented the studio for our purposes. Kitchens are not only used for cooking, but also for guiding the fate of the world. Well, maybe this is a bit exaggerated, but if we look back, we all agree that kitchens are often where the best ideas are born.

Business developers Andreas and Tobias from the project management team, together with the manufacturers and the real estate developer responsible for individual changes, spent almost 4 hours showing Pain Points and exposing them. The goal was to work out a solution together with all parties, because this is in the interest of all involved. Meanwhile, the marketing team together with our friends from the cooking blog Kollektiv Kochstraße withdrew to prepare 2 courses. The starter was a couscous salad with fennel/celery and caramelized oranges and roasted capers. This was followed by homemade gnocchi fried in sage butter with homemade pumpkin chutney. An evening entirely to our taste. Work meetings do not always have to be grey in grey. You can break out of the usual patterns and create a feel-good atmosphere, because not only love goes through the stomach, but also problem solving, and for that you have to thank and Kollektiv Kochstraße, who made love and problem solving possible.