Individualisation process & more

What are the challenges that actually arise after the individualisation process? The answer of property and project developers is the same: handing over the apartment and defect management! And that is why we have integrated these two requirements into PROPSTER!

Individualisation process – apartment handover – defect management

In the course of the first projects, we quickly realised that the optimal handling of a residential project does not end with the individualisation process. In order to be able to take the next logical step, we listened to the concrete needs of our customers and expanded our system with the new features apartment handover and defect management.

Sonderwunsch Meister

The defect management

For us it was quickly clear that we would like to rely on PROPSTER for the individualisation process. However, we were also looking for a tool that would support us in the handover of apartments and defect management,” says Horst Lukaseder, managing director of VI Engineers Bauträger GmbH & Co KG. I am a friend of integrated solutions and was encouraged in my decision to use PROPSTER when the team around founder Milan Zahradnik recognized the logical and necessary further development of their tool,’ Lukaseder continues.
We focus on lean development in our considerations and that means to orientate software development close to the customer’s needs,” adds Milan Zahradnik, founder and managing director of PROPSTER.

The pilot project

As a pilot project, the decision was made for the residential project comprising 22 residential units at Stadlauerstrasse 44. ‘ We were able to bring in very specific wishes and requirements and in combination with the suggestions of PROPSTER, we have created a really great extension that makes our work much easier’, says Stephan Lang, project manager at VI Engineers. ‘ We were able to bring in our own specific wishes and requirements and in combination with the suggestions of Sonderwunsch Meister, we have created a really great extension that makes our work much easier’. Thanks to the new feature we can see immediately if it is a real defect and thus reduce empty runs to the customer. In addition, we inform the responsible general contractor or professional directly via the system about the respective defects and thus always have an optimal overview of the status of the defect rectification’, Lang continues. In addition, the system informs me about expired deadlines and provides comprehensive documentation on all deficiencies that have occurred in this project. The possibility of being able to see which defects occur disproportionately, and where, across all projects is a huge help in ongoing optimization.

The apartment handover

The seamless transition from individualisation process to defect management is also guaranteed by the fact that both apartment buyers and project managers on the developer’s side use the information platform they are accustomed to. When the apartment is handed over, the selection made in the individualisation process is used. This means that, in combination with the standard trades that have to be checked, the individual conditions of the apartment can also be taken into account.
The handover of the apartment is carried out by means of a tablet, where all the necessary information needed for an optimal and complete process is directly in the system. In addition to all product groups and trades, meter readings for water, electricity or gas can also be logged. Finally, the handover of the apartment is digitally signed and confirmed by the persons present. All recorded defects are automatically created in the system and are available for processing.

I am very proud of our apartment handover and the defect management, because we make the work of our customers much easier and actively support them in the digitalisation of their processes, just as we do with the individualisation process,’ says Milan Zahradnik. Our goal is to act as an interface between the apartment buyer and the property developer or the project developer and to handle all necessary measures and processes with our web-based software. One system for the entire handling of residential projects!

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