Individualisation Process Manager – What tasks do they have?

In this article you can read what a individualisation process manager is, what is part of his job description and how you can improve your daily work.

Every real estate project has a individualisation process manager. These are the people responsible for the wishes of customers in new construction projects. In any case, managing individual changes is a task that should not be underestimated. After all, if you sell or rent a house, an apartment or an office unit, 90% of customers want to have at least one change made to the property. The individualization of a property becomes more important with the increasing purchase price of the property. The higher the value of the property, the more varied and numerous the individual changes that can be expected from the clientele. After all, the property should not only reflect personal taste, but also part of the character. Sometimes individual changes are simply used to maximize the value of the property. Accordingly, this topic often leads to discussions, complexity and confusion.

Individualisation process managers have a lot to consider

If you don’t dedicate a paragraph to the individual changes in purchase or rental contracts, then you are making life difficult for yourself. It is best to specify in the contract which individual changes can be expressed. Once the contract has determined what can be changed, product options, additional services and prices should also be defined. From which tiles, fittings, floor coverings etc. can you choose for which room? How much does it cost to move a socket to another place, install additional light switches or install additional ceiling outlets? In addition, it should be defined by when which individual changes can be made. Binding deadlines considerably facilitate organisation and communication. The special requests manager should remember to remind the customer regularly of the approaching deadlines.

One point that is underestimated in relation to individualisation management is communication with the general contractor, subcontractors, manufacturers and professionals. Can the individual changes also be put into practice? Is it really possible to move the wall as requested by the customer? Does Weitzer deliver 500 m2 of parquet flooring to Dornbirn even at short notice?

Probably the most important aspect is and remains customer management itself. Customers contact us via many different channels and inquiries are thus piling up in the mailbox, in the inbox and in appointments. In a customer management tool, it should be possible to make notes on each customer and keep records of conversations.

How do you make a individualisation process manager happy?

One should give the special request manager the right tools to master all these tasks. Countless Excel lists are outdated and can make individualisation process Managers furious. One should inform his customers holistically about his options for individual changes and give him enough time to deal with them. One should try to standardize the communication via a platform and introduce a customer management tool. An automated deadline management would save the individualisation process manager a lot of work. The interface function of the individualisation process Manager and its resulting communication with numerous external and internal departments should be facilitated. Ideally, the individualisation process Manager should be provided with a software that covers all these things. An example of this is individualisation process Manager.