Individualisation process as an additional source of income for PROPSTER

Individualization process as an additional source of income for housing projects. PROPSTER was originally developed to optimise external or internal communication and the associated administrative costs. Interestingly, in the course of the first projects, another aspect emerged which is an essential part of the current software solution.

Together with our customers, we quickly recognized the potential behind PROPSTER to transform a time and cost intensive process into an additional source of income. However, in order to achieve this, a few basic things must be considered and internalized in the process.

  1. An optimal individualisation process already begins with the marketing
  2. Clear division of responsibilities is imperative
  3. Each project has a specific target group
  4. Individual changes are your responsibility
  5. The individualisation process is not a free service

Optimize communication and processes

PROPSTER is designed to optimize the communication and management of individual changes in the first step. This means to run all requests centrally over one platform and to use this platform consequently for the communication to the customer. Subsequently, the software provides almost automatic support to the person or persons in charge of special requests with regard to meeting deadlines and forwarding important and legally relevant information.

Buying a home is an emotional decision

In addition to location and price, which are considered to be fundamental factors in the decision making process, equipment and above all the presentation of the property are also decisive. Based on these so-called “soft factors”, a buyer decides whether to choose your property or that of a competitor. And this is exactly where we want to start.

Find the right partners for your project

In addition to a network of partners, which is made available through PROPSTER, one should also negotiate with other suitable manufacturers and suppliers in order to round off the offer. Be it the kitchen manufacturer or the long-standing supplier for security technology. In most cases there are already agreements and cooperations that can be further intensified in the course of integrating Sonderwunsch Meister.

The right partners reflect the appropriate offer to the customer. Try to think from project to project and adapt your offer accordingly. In the following we present three examples of how individual changes can be used as an additional source of income.

Sonderwunsch Meister

Individualisation process as an additional source of income

1. housing project with 245 residential units

A new building project with PROPSTER in the amount of € 1.9 million. The challenge of this project was the high number of individual changes that had to be met. In this case, the project developer decided to offer 3 to 4 alternative products per trade within the product selection of PROPSTER. Different price segments gave the buyer an adequate selection and the project developer a certain planning security. In this case, the most common trades were offered, plus a selection of kitchens that the project developer had negotiated with his supplier. In addition to a percentage based on the total price, there was also a commission agreement for the kitchens, which brought the project developer additional income of almost €400,000.

2. residential project with 41 residential units

In this high-quality project, the total income for individual changes came to just over €600,000. The special feature of this project was that the apartments were offered ready for occupancy and the buyers could choose between 3 different furnishing lines. A too high individualization of the individual changes was tried to counteract with a larger selection of individual products. In addition to its own partner companies from the furniture and kitchen sector, the property developer also had direct access to the product database of PROPSTER and was thus able to book additional income of around 180,000 € for itself.

3. property developers with small projects and individual residential units

An interesting approach to be able to use PRROPSTER also in a small framework has been developed by the following property developer/rehabilitation company. The aim was to better organize the individual changes throughout the year and to use them as an additional source of income for individual apartments. Smaller projects with 6-10 apartments, as well as attic conversions were also integrated. At the beginning a lot of time was invested to find suitable product lines, which could then be integrated into PROPSTER. These were then used variably from project to project and from apartment to apartment. At the end of the year, the property developer was able to book over 200,000 € in additional income from the individualization process.

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