Increase Turnover with PROPSTER

Can the individualization process for residential projects increase turnover? Under certain circumstances definitely! In many residential projects, individual changes are still perceived as a nuisance and both organisation and communication are neglected. However, only a few recognise the potential for sales and increased turnover.

“Within the scope of my consulting activities in the field of marketing and sales, I have seen a wide variety of solutions for individual changes in various construction projects. From almost complete rejection, over suboptimal implementation to quite good approaches, everything was there. Basically, there is a very ambivalent relationship to individual changes and many people simply do not recognize the possibilities that are offered”, says Milan Zahradnik (CEO, PROPSTER).

PROPSTER is an all-round solution and puts the focus on the home buyer. Communication is built around this person and the internal organisation is handled directly via the tool.

Optimization of processes and communication means enormous savings in effort and costs

It all starts with organisation and communication – even before you want to deal with the topic of ‘more turnover’. PROPSTER is a proven tool to optimize this area by serving as a central platform for external and internal communication. The tool can automate certain organizational and communicative processes and thus makes the work of the individualization process Officer much easier. The customer is always up to date and can inform himself about the platform or communicate with the individualization process Officer at any time, which has a strong positive effect on customer satisfaction.

The fact that PROPSTER acts as an interface between the processor and the customer is also positively reflected in the internal communication. Enquiries or orders arrive at the individualization process Officer in an orderly, timely and well-prepared manner, who can then simply forward them to the general contractor or directly to the professionals for examination. Even feedback for simple individual changes can be handled directly via the platform.

The customer is well informed and has a positive attitude towards the whole subject, which in turn increases turnover with regard to completed individual changes, which leads us to the next point.

Increase turnover with individualization process

On average, between € 6,000 and € 10,000 per apartment is realised for privately financed property, depending on the apartment. This value can definitely be increased even more if theme-related products are added, or simply by deliberately preparing construction-related products and offering the appropriate products via PROPSTER. Our web-based application is geared precisely to this area, because the online shop look and the associated functions and measures, which one is accustomed to from the eCommerce area, allow one to offer the customer the desired products both in terms of turnover and service.

For more information, simply register for the DEMO version and let our experts explain everything in detail.