House configurator saves time and nerves

Hello house configurator

In 2017 we started with PROPSTER. Admittedly, an online house configurator was not yet in sight.

Time will tell, even a short time. After a short time we realized that our platform is not only interesting for apartments and offices, but also for house builders. The result was simply terrific. The newly developed functions optimally complement our classic functions and thus allow home buyers to individually configure the roof, facade, balcony, windows, doors, shading and entrance door, among other things. Our house configurator is already in use by several manufacturers, including the market leader in austria, Elk.

The conventional method to configure a house

House showcase centres and parks can be found all over the country. So if you have enough time, you can spend hours on site putting together your dream house. But this approach does have its dangers. In the end, days can pass and especially the nerves can suffer until the personal wish finally takes on a picture. In times of digitization, both factors are especially valuable, which is why we would like to use this article to point out the advantages of our house configurator.

The PROPSTER method to configure a house

First of all, we would like to make it clear that one method does not necessarily replace the other. Rather, it is a synergy that is formed here. An interplay of analogue and digital. Through this combination you can save precious time and finally you save your own nerves. Both parties involved, the house buyer and the manufacturer, benefit from this. Because with our house configurator, the design line can be wonderfully determined in advance. Playfully, you can comfortably come closer to your dream house from home, without any sensory overload.

Why property developers should rely on our house configurator

As a property developer, you follow the trends and therefore often invest too much time in updating the product proposals. At Propster we recognize that by integrating our service platform and house configurator during the sales process, both the sales opportunity and the profit are increased. In addition, this leads to significant time savings, as the buyer already playfully deals with his dream house during the purchase decision. Especially in times of Corona, online configuration is particularly useful and ultimately leads to added value for both sides.

The way to your dream house

After a first concrete image has manifested itself in your mind, it moves on to phase 2, where you enter the house showcase centre of your trust with a clear vision. The manufacturer will thank you and you will thank yourself. Because we all know the feeling of disillusionment that can arise after a whole day in a shopping centre and trying to find the right furniture for your new home. The situation is similar with the sampling of prefabricated houses. The clearer the idea and the picture in the buyer’s mind, the quicker both sides come to a pleasing conclusion. In addition, valuable time is gained, which can certainly be used sensibly for another project.

You, your balcony and your very personal sunset

A true moment of joy and certainly a crowning conclusion. This euphoria can and should, however, run through the entire purchase and configuration process, because after all, buying a house is a big step in the life of a buyer. Speaking of joy: This should be the first thing you do when you configure your house, and with our platform at PROPSTER we can guarantee this through and through.

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