House-configurator – ELK Fertighaus chooses PROPSTER

ELK Fertighaus? You thought that with PROPSTER can only configure apartments and offices? We have to admit, we thought the same thing at the beginning. However, we were signalled relatively early on that our platform has great potential on the house market. That is why we decided to develop the house configurator. With the new functions, PROPSTER will be expanded by an important core piece.

Hello House Configurator

We were aware of the fact that a house has many more, but also more individual changes. The house buyer wants to individualize his property much more. For this reason, we had to do thorough research to find out what is important to house buyers when it comes to individual changes. After some discussions with house builders and house buyers, it was quickly clear to us what was important and the result was really impressive. The newly developed functions optimally complement our classic functions and thus allow house buyers to individually configure the roof, facade, balcony, windows, doors, shading and entrance door, among other things. Now the house configurator is nearing completion and ELK Prefabricated House will be our first user. ELK Prefabricated House uses our house configurator for the individualisation process and for the marketing. By already integrating our platform on their website, they offer every interested party the possibility to configure their dream house directly online. This way the potential customer also gets a much better feeling of his new prefabricated house. PROPSTER and ELK prefabricated house set on a long-term co-operation. For house buyers this means: From the start of the house configurator all ELK houses can be individualized with PROPSTER.

About Elk Fertighaus

ELK Fertighaus GmbH is a prefabricated house producer active throughout Europe with its headquarters in Schrems, Lower Austria. Prefabricated houses are produced for private customers. For corporate customers multi-storey residential buildings, object buildings, municipal buildings, commercial buildings, motels and hotels are produced.
Elk Fertighaus was founded 50 years ago, is Austria’s market leader for prefabricated houses and is one of the leading companies in its sector in Europe. The company has production facilities and over 50 locations in Europe. ELK has built more than 25,000 houses in the past. In 2013 ELK Fertighaus GmbH was awarded the title “Niche World Champion in Export”.