Heinrich Gröller in an investor interview

In today’s blog post we have prepared an interview with one of our investors. In 2001, Heinrich Gröller started his professional career at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants after completing his studies in Zurich. He then co-founded a production plant for wooden pallets before becoming managing director of an Austrian technology company. Since 2007, he has led the Allholding Group and has been an Operating Partner of the SpeedInvest Industry Fund, which invests in early-stage industrial tech startups, since 2018.

What fascinates you about the PropTech scene?

The real estate industry is traditionally not a pioneer in innovation. This is also the reason for the need to catch up in terms of digital transformation. In my opinion, the PropTech scene offers enormous growth potential. I also have strong personal ties to the real estate industry. I manage a real estate group that develops Viennese apartment buildings for the long term. At the same time, I have already invested in several PropTechs as a business angel. With Speedinvest, I will also continue the search for interesting PropTechs.

What convinced you about your investment in PROPSTER?

I was particularly convinced by the exciting founder personality Milan Zahradnik. He has really built a strong team that stands by him and believes in the company. I also find the strategy he has chosen to be extremely promising. PROPSTER is tackling a concrete problem, but at the same time, with his growing product portfolio, he is keeping the prospect of blossoming into a comprehensive solution in the long term.

Where do you see the greatest future potential of PROPSTER?

PROPSTER has the right business model and is already taking excellent steps towards Europe-wide internationalisation. To realize the full market potential of PROPSTER, it would soon be time to expand into the USA.

What is your closing statement?

PROPSTER is on the right track. With their first product, they have targeted a specific Pain Point and after a short time have already proven that the market accepts their solution. Now it is important to continue to build up the company with verve and to scale up quickly in the European region.
Because one thing remains certain: the competition never sleeps!