Finance for property developers

We support property developers and project developers in the digitalization and optimization of the individualisation process. This allows them to devote themselves entirely to their core business and benefit from a huge relief in the organisation. This article is also about relief – but we focus on the relief of financial nature, the financing.

Financing as a challenge

As a project developer, you are faced with the challenge of always raising sufficient liquidity for construction projects. Therefore, the industry relies on the procurement of mezzanine or debt capital. For banks, this process can sometimes be very costly. Our supporter Exporo solves this problem in a modern and digital way.

Exporo as a solution

Many private investors invest in concrete project developments. The developer plans and coordinates the realisation. Exporo takes care of the entire support of the private investors and provides a placement guarantee. Through a trustee, these funds are paid out without delay on the contractually agreed date. At the planned end of the term, the loan plus interest is repaid to the private investors via the trustee.

What advantages does Exporo have for project developers

Financing volume from € 500,000 to € 10 million
Review and financing commitment within one week
Modern form of mezzanine and debt financing
Payout within two weeks possible
High marketing reach for projects
Facts and figures about Exporo

Exporo AG, headquartered in Hamburg’s Hafencity, is the operator of the largest crowd-investment platform for real estate projects and digital investment. It provides successful project developers and property developers with mezzanine or debt capital for project realization. For this purpose, Exporo bundles the capital of many private investors, who can easily and directly invest online via the platform. Within the last 4 years, Exporo AG has supported projects with a total volume of over 2.5 billion euros, successfully financed over 140 projects and brokered more than 253 million euros of mezzanine capital. These are considerable figures for a young company.

Capital and liquidity is exactly what your project development needs for further success and growth. Take the financing of your project into your own hands and contact Exporo here.