EXPO REAL 2019 Follow-up Report

PROPSTER with a review of EXPO REAL 2019

The beginning of autumn is a very special time, because half of the world looks towards Munich, or rather even pilgrimages there. Admittedly, the Oktoberfest is certainly a big attraction, but we would like to draw your attention to one particular fair, namely Expo Real. Europe’s largest trade fair for real estate and investments has been attracting all the big names in the construction industry and the Prop Tech business in droves since 1998. We did not miss it either and have sent a PROPSTER delegation to Expo Real this year, because it is one of the most important fairs when it comes to the real estate industry. In addition, there are great network effects for our company with other start ups, cooperation partners and the most important players in the industry. So you can definitely say that the Expo is the central event in our event calendar. For this reason, we have operated an information stand in Tech Alley together with a total of 80 Start Up’s.


New technologies and digital change cannot be stopped. The pace of innovation in the real estate industry is accelerating rapidly, changing the market from the ground up and posing new challenges for all players. Young technology companies can present their solutions and products at EXPO REAL, ideal for doing business with leading figures in the real estate industry. Our team, including our founder and CEO Milan Zahradnik, our Business Developer Andreas Quast and our Head of Sales Klaus Kainrad, represented and networked PROPSTER to the fullest. Afterwards we talked a bit more intensively with the 3 gentlemen about the 3 days at the Expo Real.

When asked what trends and highlights they noticed, the answer was “Looking at the entire value chain, it was rather manageable, because you miss the disruptive approach a bit. It is particularly noticeable how slowly parts of the industry are adapting to digitalization. But one should not ignore this development by any means, otherwise the fate of Nokia will be in your hands”. Remember the appearance of the first I-Phone and the result of it. A ray of hope was, because it was not yet expected, certainly the tokenization which the company CROWDLITOKEN brought into play. Here one notices a massive progress, because completely without notary and without further complications one can buy and sell parts of investment apartments via block chain. What used to be reserved for a certain clientele will become suitable for the masses in the future.

PLANRADAR, ROOMHERO, BIMSPOT and ALLVR” were also mentioned in the interview. The latter Start Up is a little ahead of its time with its feature, as the hardware is not yet ready for the developers. However, virtual construction meetings on site are already possible and therefore a great achievement. There was also a plus point for the Austria stand. It was always well attended and good discussions were always held. Maybe you can put this down to the possibility of a morning pint, but with a slightly damp throat it is also much easier to talk. And then there was the stand of the Accorhotels that had less to do with the branch but that woke up the child in one. By means of placed Formula 1 car in front of a huge video wall, one came to the pleasure of Formula 1 driving!

Again and again we could see from the conversation that the Expo Real is the most important fair in Europe. The most important companies and start-ups from all over the world are present, and even companies from the Far East have come to Expo Real. In this sense, there are no comparable trade fairs, although Mipim In France and Digital Bau in Cologne come very close. If you add the construction trade fair from Munich, which is mainly intended for manufacturers, you quickly realize that the industry is gigantic and covers an insanely wide field. Here at the latest, you realize how big the challenge of digitization is.

Before we asked the 3 gentlemen about the Conclusio, we threw the question “what the after parties and dinners were like” into the room. The team agreed that this is part of the job and offers the possibility to deepen the conversations that took place during the day in smaller groups and to enjoy them in a relaxed atmosphere. This year there was also for the first time a pre-dinner on the Oktoberfest area. The offer was large, one was practically spoilt for choice. In conclusion, we can say that we are still very close to our customers and therefore take every input with us. Our path towards complete digitalization of the industry is a long one, but one that we will follow with freshly gained feedback and passion. The keyword here is definitely “United Prop Tech’s” and the goal to create a complete solution out of isolated applications.

EXPO REAL 2020, we will be back with new features and implementations, because the digital age is in full swing and as we all know, Prop Tech’s bite the dust.