Ebsterbau counts with 2 projects on PROPSTER

Ebsterbau is building an apartment building with 14 residential units in Radstadt, Salzburg.

The freely financed condominiums have 1, 2 or 3 rooms and gardens, balconies or large roof terraces. Light-flooded rooms and extra-large gardens, balconies and roof terraces ensure an excellent living feeling!

Randstadt is situated at 858m above sea level and offers perfect infrastructure, schools, doctors, a wealth of leisure activities and a wide range of restaurants. The project offers high-quality fittings and, with PROPSTER, numerous individualisation options in the area of parquet floors, ceramic tiles, sanitary fittings and electrical configurations for the future residents.

Ebsterbau’s second project is called Kuchl Wohnquader, named after the village of Kuchl and located less than 50 km from Radstadt. The completion of the 30 apartments is already planned for spring 2020. For this project, PROPSTER’s shortage management system will be used, which will digitalise and simplify communication between the buyer and the developer after the apartment has been handed over.

We are very proud of these two Salzburg projects and hope for many more successful projects with Ebsterbau in the future!