Duravit as a new cooperation-partner

PROPSTER always works to give the best for his customers. The aim is to make it easier for real estate buyers to make decisions about bathroom products and subsequently to ensure planning and technical security for property developers and project developers. As a consequence, we integrate the product range of leading manufacturers into our platform. We are proud to count Duravit among our cooperation partners. Duravit, a traditional German manufacturer, produces sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, shower and bath tubs, wellness systems as well as shower toilets, saunas, fittings and accessories.

Power of tradition

The Duravit brand has its roots in the German town of Hornberg and was founded around 200 years ago by Georg Friedrich Horn. Initially it was an earthenware factory that concentrated on the production of tableware. Today’s logo of Duravit AG is a simplified capercaillie derived from the original logo of the earthenware factory.

Exclusive design

Good design consists of more than functional art. Duravit works with specialists who have already won several international awards for their unmistakable sense of strong design. Regular dialogue with bathroom users and partners in the sanitary ware trade is particularly important here in order to keep a constant finger on the pulse of customer needs. This approach has also enabled Duravit products themselves to win several international design awards.

Regional responsibility

The Duravit brand stands for life in harmony with nature. This is why the company is committed to promoting the Black Forest Nature Park, which plays an important role in the company’s founding history. Duravit’s efforts to preserve the integrity of water, air and soil in all process phases are also worthy of special mention. Duravit has been officially certified as an environmentally conscious company according to various standards.


Ceramics is one of the oldest cultural techniques and finds its origin in ancient China 11,000 years ago. The production of ceramics travelled to Europe over 8,000 years ago. The journey of Duravit sanitary ceramics begins with the sustainable selection of raw materials. Even today, production is based on the same basic materials – clay, kaolin, feldspar, quartz – all naturally regenerative substances. Environmentally friendly production techniques and strict quality controls ensure that Duravit products guarantee a long service life.

Bathroom of your choice

Real estate buyers are naturally very interested in how the bathroom will look when it is completed. So far, the manufacturer’s website, product samples, general product images and a certain amount of imagination on the part of the buyer have been used as a basis for deciding on a purchase. The final result could only be seen when the apartment was handed over, which for some apartment buyers often ended in a sobering surprise. To counteract this problem, it is important to show the individual product variants within a possible living situation. We solve this challenge with a bathroom configurator, which presents the products available for selection in a visualised sample bathroom. We integrate the majority of Duravit products in our bathroom configurator. This enables the buyer to examine every available alternative in the visualisation and thus reach a clear decision more quickly. Property developers and project developers therefore benefit from increased price and planning security.