Demo 1.2 – New Features for PROPSTER

Demo 1.2 – With the current release we have implemented two new features in PROPSTER that will delight both apartment buyers and individualisation process agents. In this article we will discuss the new developments and give a rough overview of the advantages.

Floor plan configurator

Originally developed for the electrical installation trade, the test phase has shown that it is also necessary in other trades to offer the buyer the possibility of marking products or items directly in the plan. This not only gives you a better overview, but also more concrete information about the customer’s wishes. Be it the additional socket or the moving of the ceiling outlet. With the floor plan configurator, the customer can now draw the desired position directly in his floor plan. The use of this feature is of course not limited to electrical installations, but can be used wherever it makes sense for you.

DEMO 1.2 - PROPSTER - der Sonderwunsch Meister

Customer Management and Communication

In addition to the already existing inquiry and order processing of individual changes, we have added an extension to customer management with the current version. The new feature is designed to further optimize the organizational process and to handle the communication centrally via PROPSTER. Besides the possibility to set tasks for the different requests, the system also reminds automatically, if a request is not processed for more than 2 days. The email traffic is handled directly via the system and remains traceable within the system at all times. Comments on telephone calls or other communication can now be noted directly in the system.

Integration into marketing

In recent projects, the topic of ‘integration into marketing’ has become an increasingly important factor, as many customers have recognised the added value of upselling via the platform. For this reason, we have also taken up this requirement in the current demo version and presented suitable ideas. Whether you want to sell kitchens, security technology or home automation via the special request master craftsman, the current version offers several possibilities.

Release of new demo version

Convince yourself of the new features and test PROPSTER from now on in the current DEMO version. Simply register HERE and after a short introduction you will receive your personal test access.