Deadline list receives an update

Our platform is one update richer. We have taken care to improve our deadline list. Now it is possible to set deadlines for products as well as categories. This is useful to create deadlines for many products at once. For example, bathroom fixtures need different deadlines than the tiles in the bathroom.

Now we also have the possibility to create deadlines for individual customers. This is especially useful if the attic is being worked on later than the ground floor.

There are now also two types of deadlines. One is based on a daily date – for example until 30.01.2019. On the other hand you can also make the deadline dependent on the first customer login. For example, you could now set a deadline so that it expires 30 days after the first customer login. In the customer view, customers only see the deadlines that are assigned to them. After the deadline expires, the respective products or product categories are no longer accessible. In the Project Dashboard, the entire deadline list of all customers can be viewed. Very soon, automated e-mails will also be available, which remind the customer of deadlines independently and in time. This will reduce the project-related effort by another piece.