Future: PropTech Berlin 2018

Future: PropTech Berlin 2018 was a success

Great! If we only had a word to sum up the event, that would have been it. The Future: PropTech gave us the opportunity to meet many new interesting people and maintain existing contacts. On the agenda were rousing presentations by high-ranking personalities from a wide range of PROP & TECH companies. We were able to learn a lot and take a lot with us. Our presentation met with a curious and enthusiastic audience. Therefore we would like to share the contents of it with you.

Our lecture with Roomhero – The PropTechs bite the last

Although the general public may assume the opposite, the everyday life of a project developer is fraught with many challenges. The project phases look clear in theory:

  • Finding land, obtaining permits
  • zoning plan, residential or commercial
  • obtain financing
  • Search for an architect, make tenders
  • Handling the construction phase, finding & coordinating craftsmen
  • Marketing/Letting

Unfortunately, in practice this often does not work quite so smoothly. Construction delays are not uncommon. On the project side, costs increase, not only because of the obligatory compliance with new legal circumstances. On the market side, competition is on the rise. As a project developer, you are therefore forced in the medium to long term to optimize processes and/or create added value on the customer side in order to stand out from the competition. A possible approach to this is to rely on the cooperation with PropTechs.

But the choice is difficult, because in Germany alone there are over 200 PropTechs available. Many PropTechs only cover a limited number of topics and are therefore only suitable for a real “upgrade” as an isolated application. Instead, synergies between PropTechs should be used and bundled more intensively. Sonderwunsch Meister and Roomhero create with their cooperation an added value for property developers, project developers and their customers.

Individualisation process

At meetings, 90% of the discussions are about whether and how the special requests should be implemented. Electrical installations, sanitary facilities, floor coverings, walls etc. Some customer wishes are indeed very special. Until now, it was necessary to talk to each customer individually about what individual changes they had for the new property. With PROPSTER succeed in optimizing internal processes of project developers and ensuring more efficient communication with customers. This simplifies the entire project management.

High demand for furnishing

The clients of the property developers and project developers are either investors or private individuals. In both groups there is a higher demand for furniture. For the clientele it is pleasant to receive “everything from one source”. Through the cooperation with Roomhero, all customers of PROPSTER can now book suitable furniture directly. Investors increase their income and private persons minimize their expenses. Project developers thus have an additional sales argument, without additional effort.

This results in a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all involved.


Proptechs need to cooperate even more closely with each other in order to offer holistic solutions along the entire value chain – instead of just isolated solutions.

Corporates should work together with PropTechs and not be the last to rely on innovative technologies…

…because the last ones bite the Proptechs.