Customer Management Tool at PROPSTER

The customer management tool and message system are designed to provide support in the processing of special requests and thus make a significant contribution to the optimisation of communication. One of our goals is that a large part of the individualization process and communication is handled centrally via our customer management tool.
PROPSTER simplifies customer communication and customer management, serves as a digital supplement to personal meetings and creates a powerful interface between property developers and their customers. The additional enhancements are intended to improve customer communication with the help of an integrated messaging system. With the integrated customer management tool, work processes are to be optimised.

Platform-internal messaging system

Our integrated message system “Message Box”: Secure, personal and direct

Our integrated messaging system enables easy contact within a protected environment. Buyers and developers can get in touch with each other immediately and thus find each other more quickly. The content of the messages is protected and can only be viewed by the respective user who is logged in. All messages, as well as attached files to a conversation, can be found in the “Message Inbox”.

The advantages are mainly the direct and easy communication via our integrated mail and message system. There is no need to search for e-mail addresses and the messages do not end up in a spam folder. Files can be easily attached via the platform’s own messaging system. All sent and incoming e-mails are collected in the message inbox, thus ensuring an optimal overview at all times.

MessageBox PROPSTER - der Sonderwunsch Meister

Integrated customer management tool

Link customer data, manage contacts and react individually

In addition to the integrated messaging system, we have also integrated an extension for better customer management. The new feature is designed to further optimize the organizational process and to handle and document communication centrally via PROPSTER. With the CRM system you have all contact data fully under control. Appointments, tasks and telephone calls are bundled per customer.

Besides the possibility to set tasks for the different requests, the system also reminds you automatically if a request is not processed for more than 2 days. Notes on telephone calls or other communication can be noted directly in the system. Since every authorized employee has access to the communication history, several people can attend to your customers personally and purposefully. We see ourselves as a comprehensive customer and project management platform.

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