Cooperation: BIMsystems and PROPSTER jointly optimize construction planning processes

Cooperation: BIMsystems und PROPSTER optimieren gemeinsam Bauplanungs-Prozesse-EN

Exciting new cooperation with BIMsystems

A well-tried concept of mankind is to unite in times of crisis. However, cooperation also makes sense when two pieces of the puzzle lead to a better overview of the overall picture. It is the year 2020 and digitisation has long since entered all our lives and thus also our working environments.

But if we look in the direction of the construction industry, we can clearly see the considerable potential that is just around the corner and waiting to be exploited. While in other areas the progress of digitalization is enormously high, it is rather slow in the construction industry. On the one hand, this is understandable when you consider how difficult it is to break up old patterns. On the other hand, new technologies are usually highly complex and make people reluctant to deal with them, especially when the topic of BIM enters the stage of the construction industry.

The interaction between technology and emotion

BIM has been a household name since the eighties. In practice, however, the planning method has not yet become fully established – until now. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, leading the construction industry into a digitalized future and opening up completely new potential. This is where BIMsystems‘ technology and PROPSTER‘s digital configuration and collaboration platform come into play. The Stuttgart-based and Viennese PropTech Start-up have entered into a cooperation and together cover an enormously important part of the value chain, combining technology and emotion through their collaboration.


It should be noted that this does not make things more complex, but on the contrary, the combination of both expertises allows an emotional presentation behind the technical products. This cooperation brings a logical extension of the planning methodology for the engineers and construction technicians as well as a much better understanding of the construction processes and product occurrences for all building owners, who very often act as laymen in construction. This ultimately leads to a faster decision-making process and better planning of construction projects between all project participants and the end customers. For manufacturers, in turn, this means above all full service with regard to the creation, maintenance and management of BIM content and data. This future-proof cooperation creates an understanding of the technologies behind the technology and thus represents an extremely important step towards the digitalization of the construction industry.


The digital twin

BIMsystems specializes in the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM for short). With its worldwide unique cloud-based BIM system for efficient data management – using the corma technology developed by BIMsystems – all digitalized product data (BIM content) is stored at a central and web-based location – waya – at the very beginning of each BIM planning project and made available to the planners via plug-in. In combination with the mairen BIM solution, a system for data management is available for planners, operators and general contractors. Using linya, manufacturers can even create, maintain and manage their own BIM content. The result: For the first time, data management with direct networking to CAD systems can be made transparent, centralized and efficient! This brings all parties involved in a project together.


Focus on the acquirer

With its digital clients and collaboration platform, PROPSTER starts exactly where the effort and challenges of project management begin – with the buyer. Current processes focus on the technical execution and communication between the developer and the executing companies. In most cases, the purchaser is left out in the cold. PROPSTER closes this gap and guides the buyer through the entire project cycle to ensure an optimal customer experience. “Involving the end customer or buyer directly in the BIM process is revolutionary! This digital revolution – involving end users directly in the BIM planning process – saves planners money and time that would otherwise be lost through time-consuming coordination and correction cycles,” said Gregor Mueller, CEO of BIMsystems.

A liaison with a future

By combining the solutions of PROPSTER and BIMsystems, a continuous digital process is now created. The main advantage of digitising the project steps is the user-friendliness. It should be emphasised that maximum and constantly expandable output can be achieved with a minimum of data. Even if the technology behind it is a deterrent due to its complexity, there is absolutely no reason for this cooperation. ”I would even say that through this cooperation we can offer companies for the first time a real and immediately applicable solution that has not existed before! Now there are no more excuses,” concludes Milan Zahradnik, founder and CEO of PROPSTER.