Configurator as a new feature at PROPSTER

Configurator as a new feature: We have integrated 3 new key features into PROPSTER, which should not be missing in your next residential project. In the following article there is a short summary and first screenshots. Of course we have also made all features available for you in our DEMO.

Floor plan configurator based on electrical trade

Floor plan configurator

For many trades it is necessary to obtain information directly from the buyer in the floor plan of the apartment in order to be able to calculate the individual change more concretely. This includes not only the position of a product, such as a power outlet, but also the type and any other parameters, which can now be uniformly and directly displayed in the plan using the floor plan configurator.


Example living room configurator with parquet and wall colour selection

Product configurator

Many customers would like to see their product selection directly in a visualization to get a better idea of the different combinations. This not only helps the customer with various individual changes, but also with alternative products within the standard equipment. In the end, it also helps the project manager, because this way you have a better informed customer, which ultimately reduces the need for further communication.

Übersicht Dashboard Mängelmanagement


Übersicht Startseite Mängelmanagement

Defect management is an existing feature that we have further developed within the scope of the first projects. In addition to the proven possibility to offer residents a platform to communicate defects in such a way that they get exactly the information they need to keep the effort for organization and communication low, we have added further functions.
It is now also possible to handle the handover of apartments through the defect management and to use our floor plan configurator for certain trades. Thus, it can be shown directly in the plan where the defect is located in the apartment. For each defect in the floor plan a comment can be added.
When the defects are handed over to the general contractor, simply set the desired deadlines and the system will take care of the further communication steps for you.

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