BAYERN WOHNEN counts with Am Stadtwald on PROPSTER

The property developer BAYERN WOHNEN is building the “Am Stadtwald” project in Traunreut, the largest city in the district of Traunstein, consisting of three point houses with a total of 42 apartments.

On the approximately 6000 m² plot at the end of Hoferstraße, three chic point houses with vertical wood panelling will be built in 2020/2021.
Attractive 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments with spacious balconies and terraces will be built here.
The property is located on the edge of the forest and thus offers an idyllic and green atmosphere.
Infrastructure for e-mobility and dedicated open spaces, including a small snack garden, round off the construction project.
The three point houses are grouped around a common inner courtyard.
Centrally located staircase cores with elevators provide access to the buildings. This creates a “windmill-like” ground plan figure with terraces or balconies at the corners of the building.

PROPSTER supports the Bayern Wohnen Verwaltungs GmbH in two of the point buildings with our platform in the individualisation process, the deadline list as well as the electrical and room configuration.

You can find more information about Am Stadtwald HERE.