Bau Digital Alternative 

This article is for all builders and project developers who are concerned with the topic “individualisation process”. If you have come across this article, then you already know very well that the individualisation process is a big problem. Therefore you are actively looking for solutions. Today we present you an alternative to the software of Bau Digital. What makes PROPSTER better than the competition?

We are the original

PROPSTER is First Mover in the optimization of special request processing. Founder and CEO Milan Zahradnik managed a digital agency for more than ten years, mainly serving real estate clients. He realized that the individualisation process was a big problem for property and project developers and started already in 2016 with the introduction and first distribution of a prototype of PROPSTER. This was so well received that he founded PROPSTER with 3 business angels in September 2017.

Faster development

Since its foundation, PROPSTER has developed extremely positively. Numerous functions, which continuously automate and simplify the processes, were added within only one year. It is particularly important to us that the further development of our platform can be implemented as quickly and easily as possible. That is why we have taken all technical steps to publish new functions directly and as quickly as possible. Feedback from our customers is a central element in the introduction of new functions.

Cooperation partners without end

Our claim is to link all elements within the value chain. From the real estate buyer to the project developer, then to the property developer and product manufacturer. We are currently in the process of enthusing a large number of manufacturers for our platform. We integrate their products into our database and offer property developers and project developers the use for construction projects. Currently you can offer your customers for example exclusive parquet flooring from Weitzer and design fittings from VOLA. Our recently established cooperation with Roomhero is also very exciting. Your investor customers can thus benefit from the service of a complete home furnishing – and all with just one click on our platform.

For construction projects of all kinds

PROPSTER does not commit itself to residential objects. Our customers develop offices, apartments and houses for buyers and also tenants. At the beginning our platform was not designed for houses, but after an inquiry from a potential customer, we were looking forward to the further development and the newly discovered market potential. Today one of the biggest Austrian producers of prefabricated houses is our customer – ELK Haus.

Far more favourable price model

PROPSTER can also convince in terms of price. We took a look at the price model of Bau Digital and were amazed at the significant price difference. It is important to us that you actually feel the time & also cost savings that come from our platform.

For construction projects of any size

PROPSTER is suitable for projects of any size. Some developers develop 10 units per year, some develop hundreds of units per project. PROPSTER is worthwhile not only for large companies. Small and medium-sized companies also benefit from the optimization. The software of PROPSTER simply grows with increasing demands and challenges and is therefore a benefit for companies of any size. From 92 of our current projects, our smallest project contains 6 apartments, our largest over 600.

Easier to use

PROPSTER not only focuses on efficiency in process optimization. Time is a valuable resource and should not be spent on long technical training courses. It is not necessary to study PROPSTER for a long time before you can start. After a short training, you already know all levers and knobs and feel comfortable using them. PROPSTER is very easy to use, because great importance is attached to intuitive design.

Bau Digital Alternative

Conclusion: PROPSTER is your alternative to Bau Digital. We are the original, develop our platform faster and enrich it with a lot of cooperation partners. Our solution is suitable for construction projects of all kinds and offers a far more favourable price model. Last but not least, our platform is suitable for construction projects of any size and stands out for its ease of use.

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