1st Austrian PropTech Report – Guidance for Austria’s Real Estate Innovation Ecosystem

Austrian PropTech Report (2)

The APTI and Julia Arlt, presented the first Austrian PropTech Report a few days ago, creating an orientation guide for the Austrian real estate innovation ecosystem. Based on data collection and interviews with executives of Austrian real estate, investment and technology companies, the first comprehensive list of Austrian PropTechs was compiled. This report aims to provide a much-needed insight into the Austrian real estate and PropTech industry and help identify some of the issues that will shape it in the future. Many of the findings in this report come from the Austrian PropTech company database developed by APTI. The companies that have been included in this database are Austrian PropTechs (headquartered in Austria), with a focus on smaller, newer companies (founded in 2010 or later) rather than long-established industry giants.

Austrian PropTech Report – data collection and interviews

At PROPSTER, we are particularly pleased with the aspect that we have been highlighted in the 66-page report. On page 32 there is an interview with Milan Zahradnik and in addition, you can find an interview of our two business angels Markus Ertler (p. 35) and Heinrich Gröller (p. 34) as well.

How do you sell a € 50,000 watch online?

Put said watch next to a € 100,000 and a € 25,000 watch, says Milan Zahradnik, PROPSTER Founder & CEO. What does this have to do with selling real estate and properties? The principle is the same and can be applied across all markets, because in addition to the configurator methodology, which is used in PROPSTER’s customer platform, we also rely on the e-commerce rule and recommend offering several design variants. This includes both a cost-neutral variant and several surcharge variants.

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