15 Advantages of PROPSTER

Before we come to the 1st advantage, let us briefly explain what our platform is. PROPSTER is a web-based, platform-independent software for property and project developers. With the introduction of PROPSTER you save yourself a lot of trouble and gain a lot of time. Our holistic solution supports you over several project phases:


  • Marketing
  • Sampling
  • Individualisation process
  • Documentation
  • Apartment handover
  • Defect management

As a builder or project developer, you know very well that every construction project phase can have its own pitfalls. Before we discuss the advantages of our software, we will give you a brief insight into the regular challenges of a property developer or project developer. Your customers contact you through various channels and give you more or less complete information about their individual changes. Many customers are not completely satisfied with the standard design and want to individualize the planned apartment according to their own ideas.

The laying of the electrical installation/floor coverings/sanitary installations requires careful preliminary planning. Some of your customers already have precise ideas about their favourite places for sockets & light switches long before they move in. Some do not even know that they have to make certain choices in the sampling. And other customers expect a detailed consultation or an immediate decision after inquiry. How many times have you referred a customer directly to an electrician, structural engineer or installer because of an inquiry? Did your customers always give you timely notice and observe all deadlines?

The choice of, for example, tiles or fittings is also an important decision for your customers. Did you always have the desired products ready or did you have to have additional cost estimates made? Your customers contact you every day with the most colourful requests via various communication channels. Do you really always know which customer has made which special request and when?

When the property is completed, the handover can take place. The buyer notes any defects and confirms the handover with his signature. How many forms do you currently have to fill out and sign? How do you document defects? Defects can of course only occur after the property has been handed over. How do you manage these processes?

This is exactly where our integrated solution comes in and provides you with the most valuable of all resources – time. In the following paragraphs you will learn which other advantages you will gain in addition to this basic advantage of time.

Advantage 1 – Accelerate sales

PROPSTER makes life easier for your sales staff. Sometimes your customers have questions about the individualisation of the new property right from the start of the marketing phase. Our tool guides your potential customers through the trades and shows visualizations of possible furnishing lines. Interested parties are significantly enthusiastic and you achieve a strong psychological sales advantage through the tailor-made equipment.

Advantage 2 – Save time through online sampling

PROPSTER reduces the density of your appointment calendar. We give you and your buyers the opportunity to carry out the sampling online. You specify which products are available and in most cases your customer will stick to your offer. This not only saves you time, but also helps your customers to make decisions more easily due to the given alternatives. Customer-specific wishes could also be adequately formulated here by the customer, if you have activated them.

Advantage 3 – Optimized individualisation process

After the online sampling you can lead your customers to make further configurations on the property and to express individual changes. Let your customers individualize the electronic installations, the sanitary facilities, the floor coverings and much more. You can easily determine what exactly your customers may choose in the background.

Advantage 4 – Organise products optimally

PROPSTER saves you time-consuming adventures by organizing the desired products. Give your customers the opportunity to choose the right products from different suppliers or enter the products you offer. This will save you from difficult to implement inquiries and the need to obtain further cost estimates.

Advantage 5 – Increase sales

PROPSTER helps you to increase your turnover. Many property developers think of additional expenses when processing individual changes. This changes with the introduction of PROPSTER. Because, if you use our internal product database for the product selection (mentioned in the last point), you can earn commissions and thus increase your turnover. In this article we have described three real examples of this.

Advantage 6 – Automate reminders

PROPSTER actively supports you and reminds your customers of approaching deadlines. In the case of a building project carried out according to plan, for example, customers from the attic floor have slightly longer time to express their special wishes than customers from the ground floor. In the system, you can enter individual deadlines for each customer or customer group – and you can do this separately for each substep. Until when does the customer have time to choose the floor coverings or fittings? Enter all this and much more in the deadline list and we will remind your customers of the individual deadlines in good time. We also check the completeness of the data so that you do not need to make any further phone calls.

Advantage 7 – Facilitate communication

PROPSTER facilitates the communication with your customers considerably. The processing of customer inquiries is done directly and centrally via the “MessageBox” on our platform. You can easily create conversation notes for each of your customers. With our tool, you and all your employees will always know which topic is currently being discussed with which customer or has already been discussed in the past. This saves you a lot of time in the organisation of your communication.

Sonderwünsche bei Vorsorgewohnungen

Benefit 8 – Simplify access to documentation

PROPSTER keeps your filing cabinet clean and tidy. Both the customer and you have access at any time to the documents you upload in the “DocuBox” of our platform – be it building floor plans, legal information, contracts, documents for handing over the apartment, manuals, care instructions or other documents. In this practical way, you always have the documents you need at your fingertips.

Advantage 9 – Digital and up-to-date handover of the apartment

PROPSTER not only saves your time, but also paper & toner. Call up our application on the mobile device of your choice and document every step in detail. Walk through each room and take notes and photos. Let the buyer sign digitally and save the new document, accessible to all parties, directly in the DocuBox of the respective customer.

Advantage 10 – Manage defects successfully

PROPSTER also takes care of the smooth communication between buyer and developer after the handover. In this phase, the focus is on defects and their effective communication and handling, which will come to light within the three-year warranty period. If your customer discovers a defect, he can quickly photograph and describe it and forward it directly to you via our platform. You compare the defect with the stored takeover record and decide which steps you would like to take next.

Advantage 11 – Increase customer satisfaction

PROPSTER helps you to keep customer satisfaction high. Satisfied customers recommend you to three friends on average. Dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, tell an average of ten people about your annoyance with a company. PROPSTER sustainably strengthens your customer satisfaction by concentrating on customer needs and simplifying the communication flow.

Ein Sonderwunsch Manager in Aktion - PROPSTER - der Sonderwunsch Meister

Benefit 12 – Easy integration with popular software

PROPSTER fits perfectly with your existing programs. Our software is well prepared to connect to existing Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. By means of an API interface you can link your programs with our database and thus efficiently access the data of our software in other programs. Thus, PROPSTER integrates seamlessly into your existing processes and programs.

Advantage 13 – Working platform independent

PROPSTER is as flexible as working life itself. During the day you work in the office and manage your customers at the stand PC, whether it is an Apple or a Windows variant. Even if you would like to view or edit a customer inquiry while on the road, this is easily done via the browser of your smartphone. For example, you could also use the tablet to conveniently hand over apartments. Manage your processes free of technical ties.

Benefit 14 – Maintain data protection and legal certainty

PROPSTER supports you with the protection of data privacy. In view of the horrendous penalties, data protection and legal certainty have been a top priority for European companies since 25 May 2018 at the latest. With PROPSTER you are on the safe side, because our software is consistently GDPR compliant. Use our prefabricated supplements for purchase contracts or extend them independently. We have also equipped our online processes for your customers with all relevant legal information and necessary “consent boxes”. DATA PROTECTION is written in capital letters for PROPSTER.

Advantage 15 – Ensure data security

The PROPSTER Software is not only legally, but also safety-related up to date. We seal off our systems with the most modern “State-of-the-Art” methods and are therefore prepared for the exploitation of security gaps. Methods such as Google reCAPTCHA prevent automated login attempts by bots and harmful viruses. The software of Sonderwunsch Meister is hosted on European servers. Our software has an SSL certificate, which makes it impossible for outsiders to read the information transmitted. We carry out regular security screenings and strengthen our measures constantly adapted to the current challenges.

In summary: If you rely on the solution of PROPSTER, your company will gain efficiency by using our deadline system, our product selection system, our communication base and our DocuBox. Hand over your real estate digitally and maintain the bridge to the customer for the management of future defects.  PROPSTER is platform-independent, easy to integrate and offers you legal and data security by default. For your customers, your new digital service feels first-class, while you have de facto less time to spend.

That is really a lot of time you would save with our software.
What would you spend your newly gained time with?

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