1. Project on the moon – PROPSTER

The sky is NOT the limit. With Propster it has never been easier to configure your apartment, home or new office. We are proud to announce that we are expanding our business to the moon in earth orbit.

Our first project on the moon was initiated by the well-known moon entrepreneur Kelvin Spacer. In an exclusive interview, he says: “The first projects in the early 2000s were challenging, but we learned very quickly how to deal with low gravity. Over time, however, individual changes have gone to our heads. Especially on the moon, people have many extras in mind: extra solar panels, Earth gravity, oxygen gardens, solar showers, smart homes, and much more. We knew very soon that Propster would be the right partner there. “

The project, which will be called Moon Garden, is located on the sunny side of the moon in Moon City. The project shines with its excellent location at the foot of the Luna Mountains, which promise an unspoilt view over the entire city. There are numerous water reservoirs nearby and the Luna Gardens can be reached within a few minutes’ jump.

Moon Garden comprises 6240 lunar units of 25 luxurious square metres each. The standard equipment of each unit includes sufficient solar panels, green terraces and smart home.

Fly me to the Earth. The residential complex, which is located on the relaxed edge of Moon City, has an absolute highlight to offer. A modern high-speed elevator is available for easy transportation to earth, taking passengers to their destination in just 5 minutes. Moon Garden is thus the first official project with inter-orbital transport links. This relieves the urban earth elevators and reduces commuting with the lunascooters many times over.

Not only individual changes are configured with Propster. In the course of the construction project our platform will also be used for defect management. This reduces the effort for the administration of warranty claims after handing over the moon dwelling.